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21 Lucky Block Mod

Why not? You can get a billion diamonds and emeralds just by opening a block

Lucky Block mod is really good for unique games. I love it!

It's 21, because of the fact *it's rehashed a million times.* - mattstat716

How is this number 21 this is more popular than that

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22 CreepyPastaCraft V 1 Comment
23 Buildcraft
24 Hats Mod
25 Feed the Beast

It's 999 decillion times better than a lot of these. One time, I played for 3 hours. It is so addicting finding so many ores and blocks

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26 Orespawn

Already on the list this is like the third time I saw orespawn on this list

27 Minecraft Comes Alive

New crafting recipes, marriage and more!

You can actually marry! I suggest this if you are getting very lonely in min craft.Soon you can have the most kids in the whole wide world! Plus If you don't have time for farming or fishing or mining or even hunting you can ask your children(or wife)to do that for you! I love this mod!

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28 Divine RPG

The best lets play I've ever seen was based on this mod. It's the captainsparklez lets play season 2.

The BEST mod ever! One of the biggest and best minecraft mods - PMRGamer

I love the many things it adds

The Best

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29 Computer Mod

You can have computers... In Minecraft it's just amazing! You can have it in multiplayer, you can have floppy disk and make your own game, you can play worm! It's just really really good.

30 Light Saber Mod
31 Superheros Unlimited V 1 Comment
32 Mekanism
33 Gulliver Mod

You can make small and big potions! I just love the little one you can go under 1 block, you can climb walls with a slime ball and you can fly with a piece of paper it's just amazing.

Are you kidding this low do you know how awesome this mod is

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34 SDK's Gunmod
35 Explosives +

If you don't vote for this, then the mod will come and get your house and blow it up. (I like the nova bomb and biome buster the most. )

36 Ore Farming Mod
37 AdventureCraft

You can play Zelda you can play assassin's creed you can even play amnesia the dark descent! In adventurecraft you can be on a adventure wherever you wan't you can even frikin play batman.

38 Hexxit Modpack V 1 Comment
39 Bibliocraft
40 Industrial Craft
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