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41 Eternal Isles

20 new dimensions 27 new bosses 450 new items

42 Thaumcraft

Honestly, the complexity of this mod feels like science and magic, even if it's purely magic. Well, I like this complexity!

43 Tinker's Construct

You can extend your mastery over tools with this mod! With this mod, we can mix functions of anything and shape it into a tool that is awesome than your average one. But the thing I really like is the Smeltery. With it, you could make a REAL workshop!

I love this mod. You can have many weapons.

If make awesome weapons

You can do over 100 damage

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44 3D Guns
45 Single Player Commands
46 Clay Soldiers Mod

This is the first mod I've ever encountered in my Minecraft life. It all started for Gamechap and his bud Bertie. Since then, I loved the duo. Plus v7 has a Clay Nexus, while v6 gave us turtles and swimsuits. I was only to choose one mod, it has to be... THIS!

Yes! I love this mod really adorable soldiers that walk around fighting their tiny enemies. - DubstepLover

This is a good mod, because it changes your gameplay slightly. YOU CAN MAKE. CLAY. CITIES. - mattstat716

Those little soldiers are funny

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47 Furniture Mod

Finally, you can make actual furniture that you can use in Minecraft! Fairly easy to use, this mod adds in better options for decorations.

You can have furniture.. Yup that's all.

You can sleep in your couch and even make the most best house ever!

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48 Portal Gun
49 Trolling Mod
50 Modular PowerSuits
51 Vehicle Mod
52 Better Pets Mod
53 Galactic Craft
54 TV Mod

You can have T.V. 's and watch YouTube in Minecraft. Wanna know what it's used for? For example your building a big tower then you can play music on the T.V..

55 Derpy Squid Mod
56 Ferullo's Guns Mod
57 Micro Blocks
58 Animal Bikes Mod
59 Star Wars Mod
60 Flan's Mod

Ever wanted Guns, Cars, Tanks, Planes, and helicopters in Minecraft?
Well this is the mod for you.

I'm suprised this is so low on the list

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