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61 NPC Mod
62 Flan's Mod

Ever wanted Guns, Cars, Tanks, Planes, and helicopters in Minecraft?
Well this is the mod for you.

I'm suprised this is so low on the list

63 Better Furnaces Mod
64 Internet Mod
65 Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod

Really great and functional furniture. It also adds things like hedges, birdbaths, and a few more types of fences. The T.V. actually works, you can sit in chairs, and there are many other realistic parts. I think the best two objects introduced are mirrors and bar stools. This mod is highly detailed, and I recommend it.

66 Godzilla Mod

It has King Kong!

Burning godzilla + me = OH HELL NO


67 Galacticraft Mod

You can finally expand your own world and go to the Moon, and then Mars! All this with rockets, new ores and more!

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68 Desmond Guns Mod

Guns are awesome

69 TV Mod

You can have T.V. 's and watch YouTube in Minecraft. Wanna know what it's used for? For example your building a big tower then you can play music on the T.V..

70 Mutant Creatures Beta

The mutant creatures mod is cool

71 Angry Creatures Mod

Epic mod in the update it adds so squids attack you plus now they have a mob called angry cyclops adding more soon

It's SO cool vote for this because they added a new thing called the hatred sword which does 10 damage and a new mob. Called leviathan

Makes pigs sheep cow and chicken go against you time for some porky revenge

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72 The Wars Mod
73 Herobrine Mod

Ya ya you are not sky does Minecraft if you are tell me what country you live in faker

I really love this mod, it's fantastic for you if you love the herobrine thing.

Herobrine may be fake, but with this mod, he's not. - mattstat716

Herobrine mod really exsist. Mojang didn't made this mod. A Herobrine fan made this mod. I love when I dream nightmares here. But
whate eyed villgers are VERY annoying. This should be at least top 5.

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74 Thermal Expansion
75 Project Red
76 iPod Mod
77 X-Ray Mod
78 WizardCraft
79 MoreCreeps And Weirdos
80 Tropicraft

Best Minecraft mod it adds a whole new dimetion including iguanas tribesmen monkeys visible fish swordfish and amusing skins for mobs like leaf skirts for skeletons it also adds coconuts and pineapples to make pina coladas...

New dimension new mobs new items the creator of this mod should be working at mojang that's how good he is

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