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101 Secret Rooms Mod
102 CrazyCraft V 1 Comment
103 Ageing Mod
104 Pokemob
105 Slender Mod

Its like the real creepy game. But square

V 1 Comment
106 Bear Grylls Mod

Hm... I'm hungry...? This clay tastes good!... Hm? Uh oh... I'm hallucinating... Ugh

V 1 Comment
107 Butter Mod
108 Retarded Squid Mod

They're flying squids that drop potatoes when you kill them

109 Dimensional Door Mod

I love Dimensional Doors! And what's MineColony doing here? That mod is useless! - TheRobertsFamily3

V 1 Comment
110 Nodus

It's the best! You have xray, you can fly in survival, you can climb walls like a spider, you can have a radar it, s just great!

111 ModLoader V 1 Comment
112 Pixelmon

Pixelmon is awesome it is like you are in the game you could play online and make explsion and you could go flying

V 1 Comment
113 Not In Minecraft!
114 My Biomes Mod

Want a Biome full of diamonds? Iron? Coal? THEN THIS IS THE MOD FOR Y-O-U!

V 2 Comments
115 More Illuminations Mod
116 SkyDoesMinecraft Mod
117 Rei's Minimap

If you want to find your way to somewhere then get this mod! It has a compass at the top right of your screen!

118 Anti-Plant Virus Mod

Sounds cool but AMAZING!

119 Punish Mod
120 WorldEdit
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