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21 Far Lands

In the early days of Minecraft

In the early days of Minecraft

It is true /tp 12550800 255 8000 in 1.7.3 beta

Still in MCPE.

22 Null

Something else that is black and scary I saw him in day time when it was night time I did'nt saw him in my survival world I am thinking that he is a player or something else

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23 Voldemort V 1 Comment
24 Weird Dogs

One time I was playing minecraft. When I went to a mushroom biome I saw weird dogs tammed already! Some people think it's a glitch but other people think is Herobrine.

25 Zombie Villager Village

I was found this creepy village on ZakiAtaya seed!

Woah creepy!

26 Herochickens

Some noob said that he saw a herochicken. When I got on my Minecraft world there were no herochickens


27 Forste

Apparently if you say Forste 3 times you spawn in the nether.NOT TRUE!

28 Death Note

Sounds creepy but what is it? Can anyone tell me? Say my name than ill answer back
From:Mc legend killer

29 The Mushroom Island
30 Butthole Glitches
31 Green Steve
32 Red Steve
33 User xxxxxx
34 Slender Steve


35 Slender Man

I think he is real in minecraft PC. But not in any other voiersions so don't worry

36 Yellow Steve
37 Blue Steve
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