Top 10 Minecraft New Update Ideas

These are some ideas for the new Minecraft updates.

The Top Ten

1 After a wolf kills something, the wolf eats its meat

Why would a wolf just leave the meat from a sheep they killed just laying there, they should eat it - THEEPICDUDE990

Yeah, I always wondered why it didn't eat the meat. It would make Minecraft look more realistic! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 A cherry blossom biome

A cherry blossom biome would look beautiful! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Come on, a ton of people want this, right? - THEEPICDUDE990

3 Emerald tools and armour

Emeralds are kind of worthless, all you do is use them for terrible deals with villagers, a villager wanted 3 EMRALDS FOR A BOOKSHELF! - THEEPICDUDE990

4 More cat types

Aggressive cats, friendly cats, cats that want to play, we need more cat types - THEEPICDUDE990

5 More wolf types

I know this is what the Stacy's Wolves Mod is for but come on, why download a mod, It can be too complicated, they should just have more wolf types - THEEPICDUDE990

6 Desert and Jungle Temple explorer maps

We have the mansion and ocean monument explorer maps, but what about the temples? - THEEPICDUDE990

7 Rain puts out fire

Why does the rain not put out fires? that's stupid - THEEPICDUDE990

8 Wolves travel in packs

Why do wolves just wander alone, there should be wolf packs, they attack together and they share meat - THEEPICDUDE990

9 More furnaces

This is kind of weird but this is how we work it, the harder the crafting recipe is, the faster the furncace smelts something - THEEPICDUDE990

10 Abandoned strongholds

There's abandoned mineshafts, why not abandoned strongholds? - THEEPICDUDE990

The Contenders

11 Abandoned broken down houses
12 Gamerule disabling the complex combat mechanics


Enough said

13 Scuttler mob

A crab which lives in lava oceans in the Nether. When killed drops Scuttler Shell Piece which can be crafted into Scuttler Shell (maybe a different name like Scuttler Armour, Scuttler Exo, Scuttler Lytron, etc) which can be worn in chest slot. It has 40 hearts and takes 80% less damage when hit on the back and takes 50% more damage when hit on underside. It picks you up with its crab-like arms and can throw you into lava as well as simply hit you, dealing 6 hearts of damage. They are uncommon but won't attack you unless you go near it (maybe 10 blocks, or 20 blocks or something like that). Maybe it spawns lava or lit TNT when killed.

14 Husks In The Nether And Strays In The End
15 Rubies

Rubies would be cool if add to minecraft you fine them somewere what do they do use them to craft ruby tools and armor

16 Netherrium ore and block with armor

It would be better than diamond and the ore would act like gold and iron

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