Top 10 Minecraft New Update Ideas

These are some ideas for the new Minecraft updates.

The Top Ten

1 After a wolf kills something, the wolf eats its meat

Why would a wolf just leave the meat from a sheep they killed just laying there, they should eat it - THEEPICDUDE990

Yeah, I always wondered why it didn't eat the meat. It would make Minecraft look more realistic! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 A cherry blossom biome

A cherry blossom biome would look beautiful! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Come on, a ton of people want this, right? - THEEPICDUDE990

3 More cat types

Aggressive cats, friendly cats, cats that want to play, we need more cat types - THEEPICDUDE990

4 Emerald tools and armour

Emeralds are kind of worthless, all you do is use them for terrible deals with villagers, a villager wanted 3 EMRALDS FOR A BOOKSHELF! - THEEPICDUDE990

5 More wolf types

I know this is what the Stacy's Wolves Mod is for but come on, why download a mod, It can be too complicated, they should just have more wolf types - THEEPICDUDE990

6 Desert and Jungle Temple explorer maps

We have the mansion and ocean monument explorer maps, but what about the temples? - THEEPICDUDE990

7 Rain puts out fire

Why does the rain not put out fires? that's stupid - THEEPICDUDE990

8 Wolves travel in packs

Why do wolves just wander alone, there should be wolf packs, they attack together and they share meat - THEEPICDUDE990

9 More furnaces

This is kind of weird but this is how we work it, the harder the crafting recipe is, the faster the furncace smelts something - THEEPICDUDE990

10 Abandoned strongholds

There's abandoned mineshafts, why not abandoned strongholds? - THEEPICDUDE990

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11 Abandoned broken down houses
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1. After a wolf kills something, the wolf eats its meat
2. A cherry blossom biome
3. More cat types



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