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TBNR Frags

I think that he is the is the best because he is really good at parkour and I think that he is better than Entitywolf and the others. Also I watch his videos I think he is the best at parkour .

he deserves to be 1#and I love his videos so don't watch moves watch him

I always watch his videos,so I learn how to parkour in Minecraft,so I am quite good now.

he,s just so cool compared to him I,m a total pleby plebtic pleb

PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags)

Preston is I think the best. Even in some of his recent Minecraft videos he's really good compared to how godly he was back in the day

Preston is the best at minecraft parkour. I think he's better then Kyroh.

Preston is so good I love his videos even more in parkour

There are so many better players than this guy.


He's best overall if u say preston your actual trash he can't even do momentumless double neos

I was never really able to experience Kyroh's abilities, but I've heard that he is an amazing player.

Kyroh is insane. His parkour skills are beyond me, it's as if he doesn't even try. Many people believe the YouTubers are better because they're really popular but if you were to pay close attention to Kyroh his skills are much more advanced, especially in jumps which require much practice instead of just some petty 4 block jumps there and then. Kyroh is definitely the best out of this list.

It's not that the people on this list are necessarily bad at parkour, it's just that no-one can look good next to Kyroh.


He is crazy. Beat an almost impossible parkour. Absolutely a legend!

Did a double triple neo and a triple triple neo (first person to do 3 triple neos nonstop)

He manipulates the axises

He is the best


Has beaten Challenge 2 on Jumpcraft (AKA Weeb XV) and is now a XI player

7/10: To much water IGN

May be good at parkour, but damn... what a wanker!

Truly good in parkour... not building it, he has otiosity... but still a legend


He is so funny and is extremely good at parkour. He should be number 1 by a long shot.

When he is focused he is number 1

When he's not mad he's the best

He beated Technoblade at parkour.


Got XI sky on jc


No awful, but pretty good

Amazing, pretty good


Great parkorer


He parkoured on top of the city and park barrier wall in X and got from park to b4 in 45 potions



Has nearly been to Sky on rankup X of jumpcraft and is better than parkourers who aren't actually good such at PrestonPlayz who is on the list twice.


Good Parkour Player, Jc/McO rank X

The Contenders


Not enough people know about him being good at parkour

He completed 3 dragon escapes in a row!

For all of you blind followers of AntVenom, 3 wins in a row is like average. He has not gotten ANY speedrun world records in all the minigames of Minecraft parkour vote for someone who is REALLY actually GOOD at parkour.


He's skill is clearly way better than Preston's I don't know why is he so far behind in this list.

Unlike every other person he has basically mastered the art of parkour and is better than every person I've seen. I was Shocked!

He is in the top 10.

Did a 5 block jump :o



i am good

Pink Sheep

Pink sheep is INSANE he has beat loads of people in everything! (Especially parkour! )#power of the moustache

He's known as the king of minecraft parkour for a reason!


Why is he in 42 I mean why are any of these people behind preston

Should be ranked better

Great Parkour player

Parkour Speedrunner, look at his youtube channel


Preston is so much better then you how are you even on this list oml chicken nuggets

Wolfram God

JaT3Kii is an XI on JumpCraft. (ON 2 ACCOUNTS)
Do I need to add anymore?


I've beaten Goka, Agony and Whiteness.

Meno is pro llol dsgd

DIS GUY IS INSANE boss skills

Hello, I began playing parkour 3years ago on the server Survivia, with a first YouTube channel and a ridiculous name : http s://m. youtu be.c om /channel/UC79c-IMkYiD60jILTgEEgUg but the server has closed and I logged on McOrgins, and I got two YouTube channels : http s://m. youtu be.c om /channel/UCNbV_ebbaCDAWofjjE5It4A (Inactive one); http s://m. youtu be.c om /channel/UC_kfUINcL8-l6YUmosUPgWw is my main one for now. I am proud of what I did because after 6months of ban (no reason, some said I hacked), when I logged on JumpCraft I did level I to X in 4days. And I'm here now :3


He is pretty good at parkour way better then captain sparkles


Kinda a little

He is the best

Da super NOOB


I don't really know What happened here

He can Parkour in Call of Duty, BO2, MInecraftand pretty much everything. #Vikkisparkourmaster

He is da best



Squat git qued neoo


Beat Linkcraft XIII twice without much trouble, definitely should be on this list

Voting because when he tries he can be amazing at some advanced jumps

I'm only voting for him because I find it funny that copey complimented himself without realizing his username would show up lol

He can be pretty good sometimes to be honest


More consistent than most people on this list. Should be top 20.

X rank Jumpcraft player, Dragon Escape and Hypixel housing speedrunner

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