Top Ten Minecraft Parkour Masters

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21 PattyCakesxD
22 Oath_taken
23 CaptinClaw98

Over 3000 wins, most wins in history. (of dragon escape) :O

He is amazing at speedrunning and best by far at dragon escape

24 DaFatMan922

For ALL those people who think AntVenom is good, you just think that because he is so POPULAR. DaFatMan922 could finish a dragon escape course while ant is only half way through. If you are reading this comment AntVenom, just know that you ARE NOT the parkour king and THREE WINS IN A ROW IS NOT THAT GOOD. I HAVE GOTTEN THAT EVEN KNOW I SUCK.

He has gotten 5 dragon escape world records. Seriously, those World records are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat.

25 Vikkstar123 Vikkstar123

He can Parkour in Call of Duty, BO2, MInecraftand pretty much everything. #Vikkisparkourmaster

26 The Quantuminer
27 CavemanJimbo

This player is so good

he's pro

he beat I

He is XII on jc

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28 EliteAlphaLeader

Good Mc/Jc Player

29 OldEclipse


Good parkour Jc player, rank X

30 TheDarkCreeperMC

The best parkourererer in all of Minecraft - IAmANoob

31 Copey

I'm only voting for him because I find it funny that copey complimented himself without realizing his username would show up lol

Not the greatest on this list but he's surprised me with what he's capable of - Copey

32 pessi555

More consistent than most people on this list. Should be top 20.

X rank Jumpcraft player, Dragon Escape and Hypixel housing speedrunner - pessi555

33 lolipo132

He is really is the best!

he's good

34 tac23tac23

#1 Dragon Escaper by far. Most World Records in the community and really consistent. Should be top 5. - ImBlue

35 Killbotdoesmc

He has gotten some world records on dragon escape, I mean. Seriously. This guy got 1:08.926 on skylands in dragon escape! :OOO

36 BluePanther52
37 xLabby

This guy has beaten 30 dragon escapes in a row. Enough said

38 iBallisticSquid
39 Woofless

Kinda a little

He is the best

40 werdna23

This guy is a beast

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