Top Ten Minecraft Parkour Masters

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21 DaFatMan922

For ALL those people who think AntVenom is good, you just think that because he is so POPULAR. DaFatMan922 could finish a dragon escape course while ant is only half way through. If you are reading this comment AntVenom, just know that you ARE NOT the parkour king and THREE WINS IN A ROW IS NOT THAT GOOD. I HAVE GOTTEN THAT EVEN KNOW I SUCK.

He has gotten 5 dragon escape world records. Seriously, those World records are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat.

22 Vikkstar123 Vikkstar123

He can Parkour in Call of Duty, BO2, MInecraftand pretty much everything. #Vikkisparkourmaster

23 The Quantuminer
24 CavemanJimbo

This player is so good

he beat I

so good

He is XII on jc

V 2 Comments
25 EliteAlphaLeader

Good Mc/Jc Player

26 OldEclipse


Good parkour Jc player, rank X

27 PattyCakesxD
28 TheDarkCreeperMC

The best parkourererer in all of Minecraft - IAmANoob

29 Killbotdoesmc

He has gotten some world records on dragon escape, I mean. Seriously. This guy got 1:08.926 on skylands in dragon escape! :OOO

30 BluePanther52
31 xLabby

This guy has beaten 30 dragon escapes in a row. Enough said

32 iBallisticSquid
33 Woofless V 2 Comments
34 werdna23 V 1 Comment
35 Pink Sheep
36 BajanCanadian
37 Parkourdragon55
38 Soker

Better than Kyroh

39 BeyondSimple
40 crazy4pokemon


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