Top Ten Minecraft PC Mobs

If you don't see an in game mob, please add it to the list.

The Top Ten

1 Chicken

Idiot chickens seriously unbelievable

Why are CHICKENS number 1? They are so stupid!

2 Donkey

I love donkeys, they store stuff if you put a chest on them, you can ride them like a horse, and LASTLY, you feel like a hobbit

MAKE THIS NUMBER 1! I feel like I'm in the hobbit when I ride this and it has a chest in it! I'm like "I'm going on an adventure! " - maddyparrot22

3 Enderman

They are definitely the coolest mob! I mean, they can teleport, they kill you if you look into their eyes (how creepy is that? ) the only way to make them NOT is by humiliating yourself and putting a pumpkin on your head, you cannot shoot them with arrows, they, like, GROWL creepily and steal blocks, I could go ON and ON!

Enderman's are cool they should be first unlike the chicken it could not kill anything if it tried

I love enderman they look so cool and I like the noises they make :-)

They are cute and I like the cute noises

4 Bat

Bat are so cool like they fly ange upside down in caves

5 Enderdragon

The Enderdragon is a girl, so stop saying he about her.

Hard to get to

I LOvE ENDERDRAGONS make this number one! It's meh favorite mob I'm the enderdragon master! When he is defeated I'm the new enderdragon. I have an enderdragon skin you know.


6 Creeper

I hate creepers they are stupid. Every time I see one I freak out. They blow up when they get mad. Mostly they blow up in my face. If you kill them without blowing up the drop gun powder. There's also a mutant one to. If you kill or blow up an egg, it makes a baby creeper put a name tag on it and name it Bomby. You can tame it with gun powder... Enjoy love David

7 Skeleton

They can form with spider to become spiderjockey

The skelly is snipe pro like me

8 Slime

I love slimes how to kill, when you kill the adult one it spawns into a teenager one, when you kill the teenager one it spawns into a baby one. When you kill the baby one it's dead.
What it drops: slime balls
How to find: dig down a hole until you find bedrock pick axe will be needed. Climb about 4 or 5 blocks high whatever one works for you. Slime spawns every where. Enjoy love David

9 Magma Cube

Seriously I hate magma cubes

I don't really appreciate them, but they kill me way quicker than ghasts - Dabonbons

These are my favourite mob in mc!

10 Pig

These are in PC duh I wonder why it's even in the top 10.
Duh these babies are not rare.
Oh we'll it's at least the last in the top 10.

The Contenders

11 Wolf

They are just so awesome!

It's really fun making a group of wolves mad. - Minecraftcrazy530

I love aggravating them.

12 Silverfish

THE BEST MOB EVER! Enough said.

13 Etho

Etho, mobzilla, godzilla, kings and queens don't exist in Minecraft. and I think you mean iron golems not guardians. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT PEOPLE! - Harri666

"Ever heard of Minecraft? "

14 The King

This one is pretty cool and had many moves
1st one is the super knock back
2nd one is the 350 attack damage
3rd one is going through walls
4th one is fireballs
5th one is the lightning
6th one is the frost breath

15 The Queen

Because it is so big and cool and it is so stong

The queen is so good and had many attacks and many moves.
1st one is the fireballs
2nd one is the lightning
3rd one is the super knock back
4th one is the regeneration
5th one is going through walls
6th one is the violet sparkle like fireball that cause 10,000 damage

16 The Wither

An original mob, blows up when ready to fight, can poison you, requires THREE of an ULTRA RARE drop, destroys everything, gives you an OP item on death, AND it's name is so boss. Come on, the Wither's the best!

17 Mobzilla

Mozilla is not real godzilla is real but Bill Gates is real WHY ARE YOU PUTTING FAKE STUFF ON YOUR LIST

It's really awesome definitely one of the strongest mobs and it's massive! Plus Mozilla armour

Dud it's the best mob ever duds no one can kill it and it is massive!

18 Godzilla

There is another mob a super mob 10000 health and powerful hits dud go Mobzilla and Godzilla yay!

19 Guardian

It is in 1.8 and can kill you fast.

20 Rabbits
21 Endermite
22 King Kong
23 Bob
24 Notch's Deadbush

Notchs deaddbush asnt real lol

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