Best Minecraft PE and Windows 10 Edition Players of 2018

This is a list of the people you and i think are the best (I'm definitely bias).

The Top Ten

1 Captainmoon14

Because... I'm bias - Willbdaking

I won a game of skywars before - Willbdaking

2 LCG Marine

I don't know, I fought him in survival games and he's pretty good. - Willbdaking

3 SunshineHydra98

Definitely good at melee, I didn't put him higher because I don't know how good he is with a bow. - Willbdaking

4 SeanMinecraftPE

Melee wise he's probably tied SunshineHydra. - Willbdaking

5 Finkenneth

He's pretty good with a bow, and he isn't bad with melee ether. - Willbdaking

6 Kaycho

Eh, he's good but I haven't fought him recently. - Willbdaking

7 PackagedZoo6510

Mainly going off my friends list now - Willbdaking

8 Serenity0044676

Pretty good. - Willbdaking

9 Mat231223

Yup still going - Willbdaking

10 ObiWanJellopy

I think he's good with a bow, I only fought him for a little bit though (he's an admin on In PvP). - Willbdaking

The Contenders

11 SuperGeneraLYT
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