Top Ten Minecraft Players On Stampy's Lovely World

The Top Six players that play with Stampy on his lovely world.

The Top Ten

1 Stampylongnose

Funniest of all time

Well obviously Stampy,
1. Because it's his world!
2. Because he's just the best! - SirEthanIV

2 iballisticsquid

Again one of Stampy's best mates, well the all are! - SirEthanIV

I ibilistic squid is the 2nd best I LOVE ibilistic squid

3 Lforleeeeee x

Well Stampy's best mate and a very good Minecrafter - SirEthanIV

4 SqaisheyQuack

She does the Sky Den world with Stamps - SirEthanIV

5 Amylee33

I love you loves it!

Does thing rarely with Stampy - SirEthanIV

6 Hit The Target
7 Skydoesminecraft
8 Ssundee
9 Longbow
10 Breadstick

The Contenders

11 ANK55
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