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41 Zombie V 1 Comment
42 1375397866

I didn't see any hotel I just jumped into a pit of lava because I wanted to see that hotel

There is no hotel in the world I tried it

I built a hotel out of this! Explore it I don't care just please don't destroy anything please I work very hard on this. Thanks.

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43 1421809520
44 Aion

It has a village and I'll say this is just a village seed so Check it OUT!

45 Silencedpc

Loads of trees has a lot of great caves and when I say loads of trees I mean loads!

46 RuthIsSexy

I spawned right on top of a diamond cave, whoever did this, was inappropriate, but the diamonds though!

47 Weirdo
48 Kop V 1 Comment
49 Lobot
50 It's a Pig
51 nba
52 908
53 69696969
54 400082003

There's only one village and I only found one chest but it's still a cool world. Great for survival.

It has 17 huge villages and 7 chests.

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55 jebjebjeb

It's a huge forest that pretty much covers the whole world. IT IS SO AWESOME.

56 1735352800

I didn't find a tree nor a treehouse because I spawned on a tiny island but there was a really cool cave that drops down really far and there is a waterfall inside the cave.

Their is no treehouse so this seed sucks

This world is one I made with my bro and well it's a HUGE Treehouse and we went mineing a lot he has his own shop in the Treehouse and I have watchers and a bakery if you look for a farm and ladder on a tree then you will find the house

Is the tree house even in the damm spawning

57 792444040

Beautiful mountains! - SpencerJC

58 560

I love this world thank you for it. I love the village. It's one of the best villages I've ever seen.

Great for fishing and it has a cute village.

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59 1000

I spawned in the middle of a great big rainforest that was beside a river. There was a flooded cave in the rainforest. On the other side of the river there is a big grass area with a few caves and lots of space to build houses.

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60 3village3

Though there isn't a village, it's a quite cool world! I made up the seed myself!

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