Top 10 Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers


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1 Lifeboat Survival Games

This sever is so awesome I hope they make more like it I love it so much mabe a mini game sever might be cool

WHAT!? worst server ever with lazy admins that don't enforce the rules

The server is so lousy! nobody administrates the server! too many newbies! - MChkflaguard_Yt

V 2 Comments
2 SuperFlatBuild

It's a creative server Vote to Minecraft Pocket Servers To Build In This Server And get cool rewards
Ip Port :sfb. Noip. Me:19132 - EzraGamer

3 Peepzecraft

It's a Survival Server And A Economy Server Join In And Enjoy - EzraGamer

4 Minecraft pe universe
5 Sebacraftone server

It's a survival, Creative, Economy Server If Your Staff Your In Creative mode If your a guest Survival Mode
Enjoy Here in this server And Obey staff rules Davey The Owner - EzraGamer

6 Jayaxe Free Build Server

Join in good Staff members Creative server don't ask for op's No Cussing and swearing
Simpleauth Server - EzraGamer

7 Buger server
8 Stampy's Server V 2 Comments
9 BrokenLens Network

It is the best server in minecraft pe.You can meet friends easily here instead of never seeing them again.You feel like you are in a family here instead of just a network.It also has a lot of minigames.

V 4 Comments
10 EzraCraft server

Join in creative server and free op Free Grief Server! - EzraGamer

The Contenders

11 Hypixel
12 Happycraft
13 Instant Network
14 PVPLegends
15 No Man's Land
16 Kjj Server
17 Samcraft Realms
18 Djpecraft
19 Pinoy Life Crime
20 Happy Party
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