Top 10 Minecraft Potion PVPers of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Stimpay

Stimpay is one of the best or even the best he has beaten famous people even hackers like Verzide.. - Juanz

2 DrummerReviews

He is an expert at saving pots and wings based on pot conserving. - Juanz

3 Kevstah

He is the best blockhitter out there he has beat players ranging from PainfulPvP to Stimpy - Juanz

4 iProCombo

He is a god he has beaten Verzide and got hackusated by PainfulPvP - Juanz

5 ImHacking

He is good at 8 blocking if you know what I mean. - Juanz

6 Danteh

Although he doesn't play minecraft as much as he used to but in one of his streams he dominated Stimpy - Juanz

7 iSparkton

He is good at pvp and he makes awesome packs - Juanz

8 Newd

He is considered "the best eu" unless Kragie is legit, all that aside he has quickdropped Stimpy several times and has rekt other gods in the community. - Juanz

9 DjThread

In his prime he was considered the best in the world and has killed a lot of god's - Juanz

10 Verzide

Lmao why isn't he number one? iPro DID NOT beat Verzide. Verzide beat Stimpay 13-2, also beat Grimmjaw like 4 times. 4 potted Drummer, beat Kevstah with like 15 pots. You have no brain if you think Stimpay is the best lmao. Stimpay has been on the decline, 5 potted by typa and coal, and got DESTROYED by others as well.

The Contenders

11 PainfulPvP

He's pvp skills have gotten better over 2017 and he's pot conserving is better too. - Juanz

12 Avery

He is an really good pot pvper, he can beat I think a lot of the top 10.

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