Top 10 Minecraft Potion PVPers of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Stimpay

Stimpay is one of the best or even the best he has beaten famous people even hackers like Verzide.. - Juanz

2 DrummerReviews

He is an expert at saving pots and wings based on pot conserving. - Juanz

3 Kevstah

He is the best blockhitter out there he has beat players ranging from PainfulPvP to Stimpy - Juanz

4 iProCombo

He is a god he has beaten Verzide and got hackusated by PainfulPvP - Juanz

5 ImHacking

He is good at 8 blocking if you know what I mean. - Juanz

6 Danteh

Although he doesn't play minecraft as much as he used to but in one of his streams he dominated Stimpy - Juanz

7 iSparkton

He is good at pvp and he makes awesome packs - Juanz

8 Newd

He is considered "the best eu" unless Kragie is legit, all that aside he has quickdropped Stimpy several times and has rekt other gods in the community. - Juanz

9 Verzide

Lmao why isn't he number one? iPro DID NOT beat Verzide. Verzide beat Stimpay 13-2, also beat Grimmjaw like 4 times. 4 potted Drummer, beat Kevstah with like 15 pots. You have no brain if you think Stimpay is the best lmao. Stimpay has been on the decline, 5 potted by typa and coal, and got DESTROYED by others as well.

10 DjThread

In his prime he was considered the best in the world and has killed a lot of god's - Juanz

The Contenders

11 PainfulPvP

He's pvp skills have gotten better over 2017 and he's pot conserving is better too. - Juanz

12 Avery

He is an really good pot pvper, he can beat I think a lot of the top 10.

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