Top Ten Minecraft PVP Players On Badlion and Hypixel


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1 Huahwi

Read the tittle, bad lion and hypixel, huahwi doesn't often play on hypixel or badlion

While a god at PvP, he almost never plays Hypixel, so he shouldn't be at the top.

He's pretty good but not #1

Hands down.He is the BEST PVPER in the world

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2 GrapeAppleSauce

I think that you are the BEST! You should be number 1 at everything that is PvP. You play very tactical and you are the best at bow. You are awesome!

I watch his videos and he basically murders everyone in Skywars

He is a 1.7.8 pvp god

Good in PvP - FishingRodPvP

3 PrivateFearless

He's not even good, he gets pissed after losing all the time

This guy is really good - FishingRodPvP


4 xNestorio



I watch Ngal Badlion UHC video He's very good player in my opinion

2gud4u with bow

5 BurnthatRYAN

Can Kill a team of 8 just using a rod and a sword

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6 Kiingtong

He is a legend at pvp


He killed Huahwi... - FishingRodPvP

8 StanMPL

But he uses proxy for auto click - FishingRodPvP

9 Danteh

I'm his fan but he jitter click a lot. He hurt his hand a lot

1st I'm not saying something else

4 words. The best on Badlion.


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10 Technoblade

How is Preston above techno? Who has the hot elbows?

This guy is lit

He is a pro

Hypixel wise he's pretty good. But since people like huahwi are starting to play more hypixel he's probably not the best pvper.
Bedwars though he's the best.

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The Contenders

11 Prestonplayz

He's the best on hypixel of cause

Preston always wins

He is boss at pvp


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12 StimpyPvP

I don't know? Whats with him - FishingRodPvP

Should be Top 3 at least

How is he not the #1?

He does not play badlion or hypixel but I would say he is one of the best if not the best mc pvper

13 TapL

One of the best players on Hypixel

He is better than technoblade

Glad some people actualy agree with TapL, #Talp


14 Vikkstar123

Vikkstar took out a team of 2 that had one diamond sword with sharpness 3 on It and is just really good but not as good Huahwi or some others

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15 Stampylongnose V 1 Comment
16 Hackypixelz
17 Solrflare V 2 Comments
18 ExtraPlaysMC

He is good at skywars

19 mydoeza

That trap video though - Winwin098098

Just look at his Hypixel Video of Uhc Highlights Called *3 PLAYER TRAP KILL - Winwin098098

20 LloydPlays777

LOl its alex were

Wait... How come this guy is here he is just anormal PvP Player but really good at Redstone - FishingRodPvP

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