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1 Huahwi

Not only is he good with other weapons trains and not to mention actually comes up with a strat.

He is good at posting videos on schedule being in college in all.

Every one is saying oh this guy killed him before.

Well just because he killed 1 guy once doesn't mean he is better maybe he fought some one before (who had watched his tips and tricks video and knew what he would do) and got down to half a heart. Then all you did was carry that guys legacy. - Thatoneguy

Huahwi is not in the list his a god

Huahwi is no doubt the best. When I didn't know about him I actually thought fishing rods were a stupid pvp tool. He proved how just a normal Minecraft tool can be a deadly weapon. He has multiple ways of how to beat anyone or even a team and he is pretty dedicated to entertain you guys with videos he spends his time making. I highly suggest for new beginners to listen to a couple of his videos and just observe a professional's way of pvp. A perfect 10/10 in pvp

Cool can I have top global 40

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2 Vikkstar123HD

Vikk is the best but he should train more

He is indian so he is big pro

Just because you like him doesn't mean he's good. Vikk could be beaten easily in PVP by tons of people that are below him on this list. xNestorio, Danteh, etc...

Emmm, why? If anyone grape might be here and Stimpayy would be in #2. I mean, he's good but seriously, if you ever mention a rod combo to him he'll probably say what?

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3 TBNRFrags (Preston)

He is the bestt

Wow, I bet he can kill an autoclick hacker

Casually 4v1s a team and still has almost all health


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4 xNestorio

LOL. 18th? This guy is so much better than the top 10. Sometimes, I think people vote by popularity and not by actual skill.

He is absolutely amazing

Top player pvp


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5 Woofless

Not very good

He died to kiingtong from the cube

Guys really? Preston is way better

Woofless is not even good to be honest. I bet this website is from a 10- year old fanbase who actually just consider Popularity over PvP.

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6 BajanCanadian

He's not very good when you actually consider the fact he doesn't play on any PvP oriented servers (No, I don't give luck-based HG the title of PVP-oriented, deal with it. ), and that he's been beaten multiple times. Look at the others on this list that you DON'T know and Google them, you'll find better results than him.

Well in honest truth he sucks at pvp, I have beaten him without trying, and looking at how his recordings are, he sucks. No hate, just saying

Let me get this through to all of you fanboys who say Mitch killed 18/24 in a hunger games and did a 4v1 in battle dome, hunger games is filled with nine year olds who just copy what other people say and that 4v1 thing is actually not that big of a deal, Leap_ takes 15v1s on no sweat on an actual pvp sever. Just because he is famous does not mean he is good. There are so many people who are better than Mitch at pvp on this list like Cayden, apacheblitz, Leap_ etc. every one of them could 2v1 Mitch and jerome and win with a lot of health. I am just a guy trying to tell people the truth, if you say I am a noob or trying to seek attention or a hater ( I actually like Mitch I think he is quite funny) I don't care you can spread your false message all you want but at least some people will learn.

He just wants to have fun so he doesn't go serious

Always good at pvp

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7 Stimpay

He is just good

MarceL can't make it past Huahwi even though he rocked his ass on a stream lmfao. ROCKED

He is Goated How is bajancanadian voted higher than him?

Lol he should be number 1, he's a monster at the game

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8 PeteZahHutt

I love Pete He is Very Good With A sword And I don't want to type that much so ya

I know he's good because I used to watch him a few years ago! And I know He'll be the best! He is amazing with sword and has also made INCREDIBLE shots with a bow! I mean it! He's amazing. Pete, I'm not a big fan, but I truly believe you are the best on the list. *cough* I don't even know the other half *cough*! ()
Love <3 you

He underestimates himself but he can easily crush people, he has proven to be great at strafing and is decent with the fishing rod

He doesn't PvP often, especially against the Pack members who he usually records with, but when he does battle dome etc. with them, he usually ends up on top unless he's helping someone or they're way more stacked, in skills he's above. His anxiety makes him really in-tune to his fights, unlike other Minecrafters.

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9 CaptainSparklez

Are you guys high.. ? Playing survival games doesn't make you win. Survival games is a bs way to judge skill at pvp. Try actually learning what being "good" at pvp is before you start saying random crap like this. CaptainSparklez is nowhere near as good as most people on OCN like Leap_, kingoros, ZHDeath, etc. CaptainSparklez definitely doesn't deserved a spot.. In fact none of these people do. Please try compiling a list that is actually good. Famous =/= good - crikimaruc

So you're saying that winning first in hunger games doesn't mean anything. Ho I totally get you because Hunger Games doesn't mean a single thing. (Sarcastic Voice)

He's the best

Are you guys serious? CaptainSparklez. No. Just no. He plays hunger games very rarely, and he doesn't even pvp most of the time. HOW IS HE 7TH?!?!?

No. Just no. This guy is a guy in literally EVERY aspect of minecraft EXCEPT PVP. He is TRASH at pvp. I would rank him #1 in survival though.

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10 Grapeapplesauce

The one who make this list get a little stupid now about define who the best pvper, I just can't understand how BajanCanadia in the second place he just a noob

Well but I still agree about Huahwi but is this list switch bajanCanadian and Grapeapplesauce I would be sort of agree

Mitch is a noob

I saw his videos and he got like 12 pvp kills

Grape is easily number 2 he could beat the whole pack

Grape should be at least number 2

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The Contenders

11 ApacheBlitz

He has been a great player since the early PvP stages of Minecraft, beating all the actually good players that are known on the ACTUAL PvP community, not the famous YouTube circle jerk.

ApacheBlitz you are good at pvp and stuff and I love you doing potion pvp on Minecraft but I am not a big fan of you but I like your videos keep up the good work by the way your a god at pvp

One of the actual PvP community, was a great player that was very well-known amongst the PvP community. He quit like 3 weeks ago, unfortunately.

This guy (and by the way he hasn't fully quit as I've seen him on a small server he plays on) deserves to be in the top 5 at the minimum and this guy invented some really good strats and he's an original player. At least there aren't 10 million YouTubers.

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12 Cayden

I like butter

Cayden B?.?...?.


To the top! He is miles better than all the useless you tubers above! Even I could beat sparkles. I mean get your head out of each other's arses and vote for someone legi!

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13 AciDic BliTzz

Personally, I really like AciDic BliTzz he combos really well whoever he does also over use the fishing rod but that's how he gets combos I guess. At times he can really accurate with his bow. And also finds ways to Strafe, while hitting his opponent with a sword

Good at pvp. But then again he plays on hypixel mostly. And if I can win 1/10 games on there, then it's not hard to win if you know what you're doing. Meaning that you can't really judge him on that much.

Voice sounds like he swallowed a hot wheels car

He is the best deserves #5 spot. Saw him and he killed me with 1 half heart.

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14 Danteh

Danteh got #1 Global on (one of) the hardest PvP servers. He deserves top 3.


This list is pathetic. It is a popularity contest and is not based on any fact.

Danteh is a legend at PvP, he can beat every single one on this list easily!

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15 CraftBattleDuty

Overall very good and with his return to Minecraft looking likely after a period of being rusty he should be going up

He's not that good

He'd be better without the 38282838 ping.

Very best hacker in the world

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16 SyndicateProject

Since he has killed captainsparklez so many times I thank he needs to be number 9

Killed Captainsparklez several times... Should be equal or higher to Captainsparklez

Pretty good, but no where near the top 10.

Quite good, better then Captainsparklez, but he shouldn't be any higher

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17 UnPhair

Because it would be UnPhair not do vote!

UnPhair actually knows who to fight. He could beat AntVenom blindfolded. Redo your votes dummies. UnPhair is a boss.

Unphair can beat everyone on this list with his eyes closed while eating fruit loops with expired milk.

He sucks so shut up he should be number 1000000000

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18 ProHulk

Yo he's good though

ProHulk is actually good. He isn't good enough to be top 10 yet, but maybe 12. This is coming from a guy who 2v2'd him on badlion

He plays Badlion, seems like a legit player

He is a Beast. he is top 20 at least but I think higher

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19 AntVenom

He sucks... Not to be a jerk or anything... The average regular on Overcast could destroy AntVenom.

Better than every
body inclung your hairline

This is why Ant is not good at PvP.
Hunger Games 1: People were in creative he got stacked.
Hunger Games 2: Didn't Sprint, for example Jordan sprinted, died of natural causes.
At the beginning of the game some of the YouTubers were lagging Ant then got stacked found good stuff. Then people needed 5+ hits to kill him he need 3.

Ok, lets get this 3 hunger games in a row thing sorted out straight.

AntVenom did, in fact, win 3 hunger games in a row. Machinima hosted 3 hunger games, all of which were uploaded by everyone playing and all of which AntVenom won. So all of the drunk 4 year olds saying that he only records his wins, you can climb back up your mother's wombs.

That being said, those were back in 2012. 3 years ago. AntVenom's skill level in 2012 has literally no effect on his skill today. Is AntVenom still a above average pvp player? Yes, he is, he can land shots with high success rate and can out hit most common players. However he isn't the best player anymore. AntVenom deserves respect from xNestorio and Huahwi and ApacheBlitz and everyone else on here for being the first ever true Minecraft pvp god in 2012, however it's not like he can frequently beat any of those players now that he is well past his prime.

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20 HattoWolf

He is modest and good. Probably around 9 or 10 but like 5 at least when he was really playing a lot.

The original god of pot PvP, and one of the most modest ones ever too.

He was the god of gods

Used to be the best

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21 Technoblade

He got a 1000 bed wars win-streak which is the world record and he won the two first weeks of Minecraft Monday

He destroyed many of the people higher than him.

Should be at the top

He should be much higher

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22 xRpMx13

Nope. terrible at everything pvp

No Ryan is bad at Pvp most of the time he is just hiding and running

Ryan is good on the funniest-stats, not the the pvp-stats, should be lower then Ali-A and syndicate to be honest.

He's rubbish at pvp

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23 Verzide

Just God

Should be 1

What why verzide is here

He is a very good pvper

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24 JeromeASF

He's better than stupid grape applesauce and should at least be top 10

"One of the few people who can actually beat Mitch in any PvP! " You know, except for 75% of this list.

Jerome sucks at Pvp, but nonetheless can beat up to the 30's on the list.

He sucks like his friend mitch he is maybe one of the best in pack but he sucks in Universal lists

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25 KenWorthGaming

He's bad I could beat him cause I'm batman batman is better

He could be top 10 for sure

He is an awesome UHC player better than Preston Probably top 15

Kennys pvp has improved so much over the years and in my opinion one of the best

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26 Jehovahs_Witness

Jehovah could beat mitch without any armour, trust me he has practise killing people without armour.

Very good at strafing

He's way better than the players above. I saw his videos and god he's amazing!

Good at buying Google fibre broadband

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27 HauWhi

What the! Who is this guy?

Who is this guy?

Who tf is this?!?

Hauwhi sucks I beat him 2tice at badlion but I haven't fought him for a long time now(1 and a half monts)

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28 SuchSpeed

SuchSpeed is actually good at the game unlike 90% of the people on this list above him.


He should of been at least 5th...

SUCHSPEED is not the best but he should be in top 15 or more

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29 Chanse

He should be number 2 or 3. People just don't watch these YouTubers because "they aren't interesting" or "bajancanadian is can do that." Lucky block gets old, and it gets to the point where if you play with the same people a lot, you basically just flip a coin to see who wins.

Chanse is awesome but still danteh and idea turncoat can beat him he should be number 9



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30 CreeperFarts

Creeperfarts works real hard and 100 times better than that noob, bajancandian I bet creeperfarts deserves to be #3 he is not as good as grape but better than bajancandian

Should be a bit higher, seriously.

Can he b in the better rank than that

CreeperFarts is the definition of a PvP God he usually beats anyone he faces other than hackers but on multiple occasions he has beat hackers before

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31 Stanmpl

You can't handle this guy's 8 block. For anyone criticising him for sprint key, how the hell do you think he got top stats in 1.6?

He will obliterate your ass so much that you wont be able to sleep for months

Stan would kick everyone's butt on the top 10 list. No joke you can't mess with his 8 block hybrid combos.

Stan dun sleep. Stan dun eat. Stan only play.

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32 Ali-A Ali-A Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

Best he can 1v everyone on Minecraft and on this list



He sucks at pvp. He isn't actually that good at Minecraft.

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33 Tylarzz

You are so good and like a god but xnestorio is like everything to me

Watch huahwi vs tylarzz huahwi got destroyed.

Do u watch united uhc or mundial

Tylarzz is a top 5 to top 3 pvper

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34 Matsuzen

Matsuzen could easily beat anyone on the top ten, he's a smart and skilled player.

Is bow is so godly it's untouchable

He is the best player in this list. Period.

The best bow pvper in Minecraft (by far in my opinion)

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35 Leap_

This guy is actually good at pvp. I'm not sure what you retards think pvp is, but everyone in that top ten up there is basically crap at pvp. Leap_ is actually GOOD at pvp. They're all famous, but they all suck. I don't know what you guys are smoking but check out an actual pvp server you idiots - crikimaruc

Leap could beat anyone else on this list, except Dittos. The fact that you people worship horrible YouTubers as the true "Gods" shows that you have never played OCN, nor that you have ever really seen any true PvP.

Leap makes everyone eat his dust, no one can beat him. The people on the top ten will lose to one on one

Leap_ is very good and should be in top ten I'm not 100% sure if he's better than ApacheBlitz, Stimpay or Cayden but I know he is good and is better than mitch, grapeapplesauce,petezahutt and captainsparkles. So I'm not sure but these people must of took a wrong turn in thinking bigtime because you just need yo look till 4 and its off already.

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36 Gayzmcgee



He is really good at pvp unlike those trash its that just get votes goes they're famous

True legend other than the trashy top 10

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37 realhazza

No. He should be at least top 25. He's a good uhc player

38 Pmheys

Why the hell is pmheys here, I swear he can take out all of those YouTubers easy.

He's only here cause none of these twelves have heard of him

I swear this list is so bad... pmheys is amazing

Pmheys should be higher laugh out loud

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39 Eum3

Very very good, would destroy most of the other (maybe not UnPhair)

Should be higher up this list.

Vouch, this guys good

This guy is good, the YouTubers on this list would have nothing on this fight, eum3 would rek them

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40 bodil 40

If he was as good at PvP as he was at trolling he'd be best by far.

He sucks at pvp he rarely wins it - whodafuqisthisguy

Bodil40 is bad at pvp, but a good troller.

Bodil 40 more like bad 40

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41 Jolly Ol' Brits

Not that good at pvp, but good builders.

This is getting too random...

42 SSundee

He s my fave youtuber and he's good at pvp (if people are there).


Can someone explain how he got on this list? He could be 10 hearted by anyone on this list.

He's not really that good in pvp. He's also afraid of getting he's health low and runs away from people a lot.

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43 SkyDoesMinecraft

I disagree, sorry but many people can kill him.

I really don't think he is good at pvp

Sky is a funny dude, he really is, but I could probably beat him in a pvp match. He is great in so many things, Do not laugh, and many mini games, but saying he is one of the top papers in the world is stretching it a bit much.

One of the most not good paper on this at all. He's only good by uploading his videos and parkour I personally think he should not be in the top 100. What do you think?

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44 kingoros

Way better than those YouTubers above who do not even know how to pvp - YAF77

He is based good

I guess he's good...

His dick is the size of my whole body

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45 AshleyMarieeGaming

She can pvp but she can't defend herself at all without mitch... she would be #1 on the best miners in Minecraft

Can't pvp at all, absolutely terrible

So terrible, (chance of winning at pvp-15%)

Terrible at pvp, fears to have a 1v1

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46 Upriserryker

What a weird day.

He doesn't need a fishing rod, or a flint and steel, or any of that crap. He is on point even when he's not focused with the bow, and it's like he's hacking when he melees 0o

He foresees your every move, you can't bowfight this guy.

Come on top 20.

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47 Dittos

Dittos is love, Dittos is life

I agree with what the other people said

This guy is god also

I'm so confused. How is he not in the top 5?

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48 SolrFlare

Only the best

Friends with PoisonousApple and Grapeapplesase
Can beat them both at pvp
Should be Number 2

Sold is amazing at pvp how can he be in 42 deserves top 10

He is Just Great He Should be in number 4

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49 Liftie

Liftie killed me once so bad I cried to death I think liftie deserves to be in top 5 because he destroyed my anus to pieces when I fought him in a team battle on kohi.

50 Smiley Wylie Hub
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