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261 ShutUpBrick

One of the best in pvp and should be in top 10

I think that brick should be like top 30

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262 xBayani

He is not that bad he should be higher

V 3 Comments
263 StrauberryJam

Can do good sometimes but sometimes he fails big time.

V 2 Comments
264 Dubyy

Dubyy is one of the best PvPers out there. I have seen him on many servers such as bad lion and mineplex, not only is he good, but he has also killed ASFJEROME and Woofless on tape. Go to AsfJeromes Channel and search up us against the world micro
Battles. He has also invented a strafe in which when pvping you move back and keep clicking which hits them but they can't hit you. Personally I think he should be in this list

265 TewChaynz

Tewchaynz could beat so many YouTubers going to from painful to stimpy To danteh

Na kid he can't beat Danteh go on YouTube and find Danteh 1v1 TewChaynz

Very good at pvp uses the butter fly techniek good at combos should be higher
Like number 24

Needs to be top 20

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266 LegitStrafes
267 Tbnrkenworth

He is really good at combos

He's much better than Preston and basically everyone on this list minus xnestorio huahwi and stimpy

268 Aalcuadrado

Alex is good but his keyboard makes him bad.

269 Swordz

He may not be well known to you but he combos like crazy

270 Parker_Games V 1 Comment
271 Sharminecraft
272 UnFuggettable

What why is he #220 deserves at least #219

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273 L8Nick
274 Lachlan

Pretty cool right now and lots of people like him

He is cool and good at pvp

Lachlan sucks

cool BEANS

275 VanillaRaids

He got taken out live by alex!

His a okay pvper

Very good pvper around the PainfulPvP range (1500 kohi elo)
Not sure why he ain't here look up his YouTube

276 Mr_Bombastic_ V 1 Comment
277 SanicTheLegend

Can get God combos and strafe like crazy on Minecraft factions and is beast with the bow and fns (flint and steel)

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278 BySliDe V 2 Comments
279 Blazespot

Blazes pot is pretty good and really works hard in gaming

280 Kylesmiles

KyleSmiles has such amazing aim and plays various pvp game types such as pot soup build etc. He deserves top 50

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