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281 Swordz

He may not be well known to you but he combos like crazy

282 Parker_Games V 1 Comment
283 ZMCnikolia

What he crush xNestori once before like come on he should be top 10 at least

This guy is a god although I've only vsed him once he is still one of the best I've vsed.

284 Sharminecraft
285 UnFuggettable

What why is he #220 deserves at least #219

V 2 Comments
286 Lachlan

Pretty cool right now and lots of people like him

He is cool and good at pvp

Lachlan sucks

cool BEANS

287 Kendal
288 VanillaRaids

He got taken out live by alex!

His a okay pvper

Very good pvper around the PainfulPvP range (1500 kohi elo)
Not sure why he ain't here look up his YouTube

289 Mr_Bombastic_ V 1 Comment
290 SanicTheLegend

Can get God combos and strafe like crazy on Minecraft factions and is beast with the bow and fns (flint and steel)

V 1 Comment
291 BySliDe V 2 Comments
292 Blazespot

Blazes pot is pretty good and really works hard in gaming

293 Kylesmiles

KyleSmiles has such amazing aim and plays various pvp game types such as pot soup build etc. He deserves top 50

V 2 Comments
294 Tragik V 1 Comment
295 Yqm V 1 Comment
296 Lucaslyoko

Kind of a randy... But he's the randy who would drop you in a kit.

1900 in build last season, that's pretty dank to be honest, can still dong him in archer.

Skid is a god for his age. I knew this when he donged iRush and killed ItsAustennn.

V 3 Comments
297 Jonny247
298 PELLI0


299 joeurkiller
300 DIfavit0 V 3 Comments
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