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301 Turton

This guy knows how to use a rod, he is a bow god and can record really well.

V 1 Comment
302 YOUtuber097 Gaming

He is one of the best Minecraft Skywars Players, it is really obvious that he is good at pvp, starting from his combos in mc pvp, he deserves to be listed under the 500 List

303 MelihGamingTR
304 Itsdenis
305 M0xy
306 Craftylaurence V 1 Comment
307 Kaosinspired
308 CaptainNickoz
309 FazeGolurk V 1 Comment
310 ImHacking
311 sNooPyO_O
312 xMaya
313 WhrilWind V 1 Comment
314 killerfartss V 1 Comment
315 LittleDreamor V 2 Comments
316 UnNoobYT
317 ZonixMC

Very Good Strafer! =) - ZonixMC

318 ImRckyy

He is good at pvp like skywars and badlion he play a lot of pvp is stuff and he build sometime - ImRickyy

319 Dibzcraft

Lol 10/10 best player here

320 OlympicTuce_

He is really good at PvP.
Take out the most of the players.
Nice combos and really good at jitterclick.
I say he is the best player.
If you don't have meet him you most do it! He is so good! - OlympicTuce_

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