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321 yoshi to mario
322 herobrine

What hero brine is a glitch he doesn't pvp he's like the opasite of notch but evil

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323 ksi V 3 Comments
324 Samir_14

He is the best on Nebula, he destroyed all Monuments in QUINTOS in a row!

V 3 Comments
325 TNTTurtles

He is a based god

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326 IvyCode

Just because he is a server owner doesn't mean he's based god at pvp.

Can you read? "Minecraft-PVP-PLAYERS", not "Minecraft-SERVER-HOSTS".

8/8 would rek 90% of this list. Among the best pvpers. Show your support for him, overcast

IvyCode is very professional and owns a great server, Avicus Network.

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327 Steven5703
328 Blangxtreme
329 Chaoticreaper

Only when he wears a blindfold and uses one hand can his skills be called "godly"

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330 Crazy_creeper521

Pretty good at pvp. Can win 99/100 hunger games. Currently resides in the Pvp domain. Pro with bow

331 Plaatinum10

He should be WAY higher up. Honestly, none of the top ten should have made the list. And by the way Matsuzen is the best with a bow in Minecraft

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332 Jioska
333 Wither V 1 Comment
334 MythicalMania
335 rctamura
336 mikemets
337 MusardMan227

He is very good don't deny it Boys

338 Mine50Craft760
339 C4477

What a God, he is amazing a Pvp he could beat everyone on this list at the same time! - C4477

With a ping of over 230ms, C4 completely lags everything in his path to death, he is the unstoppable aussie god!

340 ThoughtfulTurtle
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