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341 rctamura
342 mikemets
343 MusardMan227

He is very good don't deny it Boys

344 Mine50Craft760
345 Emosnail
346 _Fyre
347 C4477

What a God, he is amazing a Pvp he could beat everyone on this list at the same time! - C4477

With a ping of over 230ms, C4 completely lags everything in his path to death, he is the unstoppable aussie god!

348 ThoughtfulTurtle
349 Morsinius

Personally, this man is the god of close range bowing, and long-range anticipating. The only reason Chris is higher than this dark master of precision is simply that I can't decide between the two of them, and just picked Chris to be first. If I had to place my bets, I would go with Cayden. :o)

Morsinus is my inspiration to wreck people with bows. He's intelligent and very cautious, as well as an above average player overall.

Not only a great guy but an extremely strong shot, he's probably the best active bow pvper in the OCN/Badlion community

350 Varicks
351 MrPenguin_Man

Very good with a bow, but most people can beat him in sword.

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352 iEli2tyree011
353 nygiants_10
354 Hydro_Seeds
355 Baseballshane

I'm assuming most of you don't know Shane, so I'll give a short description of him:He's the calmest yet coolest bastard I've ever had an honor to fight alongside. He combines melee and ranged power into unbeatable destruction, and deserves this spot among some of the best. If you want a challenge, I recommend this man.

He is really good with a sword, he has a very unique strafe, but his bow skills are average

2 good at block game, only answer is hack - Kdragon35

356 MonstroGato
357 EddardStark97

Although he quit Minecraft he was one of the most underrated players in the game

358 CrazyCaliber13

He's a boss... Like come on. If you just stare into his one robotic eye for just a second, he has already slayed you with his sword.

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359 Obs1d1an

Great PvP Skills and is 10x better than the top 10

360 Harri247

This Player Is good can beat top 10 people in Survival Games Or Hunger Games Plays Minigames a lot

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