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341 Blangxtreme
342 Chaoticreaper

Only when he wears a blindfold and uses one hand can his skills be called "godly"

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343 Crazy_creeper521

Pretty good at pvp. Can win 99/100 hunger games. Currently resides in the Pvp domain. Pro with bow

344 Plaatinum10

He should be WAY higher up. Honestly, none of the top ten should have made the list. And by the way Matsuzen is the best with a bow in Minecraft

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345 Jioska
346 Wither V 1 Comment
347 MythicalMania
348 rctamura
349 mikemets
350 MusardMan227

He is very good don't deny it Boys

351 Mine50Craft760
352 Emosnail
353 _Fyre
354 C4477

What a God, he is amazing a Pvp he could beat everyone on this list at the same time! - C4477

With a ping of over 230ms, C4 completely lags everything in his path to death, he is the unstoppable aussie god!

355 ThoughtfulTurtle
356 Morsinius

Personally, this man is the god of close range bowing, and long-range anticipating. The only reason Chris is higher than this dark master of precision is simply that I can't decide between the two of them, and just picked Chris to be first. If I had to place my bets, I would go with Cayden. :o)

Morsinus is my inspiration to wreck people with bows. He's intelligent and very cautious, as well as an above average player overall.

Not only a great guy but an extremely strong shot, he's probably the best active bow pvper in the OCN/Badlion community

357 Varicks
358 MrPenguin_Man

Very good with a bow, but most people can beat him in sword.

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359 iEli2tyree011
360 nygiants_10
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