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21 Verzide

What the hell! 39 this is the dumbest website on earth do they even know who Verzide is! Please he deserves top 10 also Ali-A sucks at pvp in all costs

He is the one person who I inspired...he can give people L's the Verzide family is the best pvp clan and the best family in minecraft history - Insan1ty

Come on 39th this is probably a popularity competition verzide has to be at the top 5


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22 ThatOneTomahawk

He deserves number 8 he almost killed huahwi in survival games with equal gear

He should Go Last One for him not being loyal 2nd he doesn't pop correctly cause he is always messing up

I can kill him, I did like 10 times

He can't. Pvp

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23 JeromeASF

"One of the few people who can actually beat Mitch in any PvP! " You know, except for 75% of this list.

Jerome sucks at Pvp, but nonetheless can beat up to the 30's on the list.

He sucks like his friend mitch he is maybe one of the best in pack but he sucks in Universal lists

He is the BEST #slurping army

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24 Leap_

This guy is actually good at pvp. I'm not sure what you retards think pvp is, but everyone in that top ten up there is basically crap at pvp. Leap_ is actually GOOD at pvp. They're all famous, but they all suck. I don't know what you guys are smoking but check out an actual pvp server you idiots - crikimaruc

Leap could beat anyone else on this list, except Dittos. The fact that you people worship horrible YouTubers as the true "Gods" shows that you have never played OCN, nor that you have ever really seen any true PvP.

Leap makes everyone eat his dust, no one can beat him. The people on the top ten will lose to one on one

Guys seriously this guy is god at PvP and is playing at the Overcast Network that is Lifeboat,many people know him there and were proud of him when he got 1st on the leaderboard of 2013,and now I'm on his server and I didn't found him but after 4 years,his kills gets higher and got to 100K plus kills in the server and I was like WOW! He should be higher since he is very good at pvp and nearly unbeatable - McUniqueKiller

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25 UnPhair

Because it would be UnPhair not do vote!

UnPhair actually knows who to fight. He could beat AntVenom blindfolded. Redo your votes dummies. UnPhair is a boss.

Unphair can beat everyone on this list with his eyes closed while eating fruit loops with expired milk.

He sucks so shut up he should be number 1000000000

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26 ProHulk

Yo he's good though

ProHulk is actually good. He isn't good enough to be top 10 yet, but maybe 12. This is coming from a guy who 2v2'd him on badlion

He plays Badlion, seems like a legit player

He is a Beast. he is top 20 at least but I think higher

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27 Private Fearless

This is honestly crap. Private is amazing with bows, amazing at rod combos, and amazing in sword combat. This website looks for the more famous people to put at the top. None of the people in the "pack" are good either. They just play on the servers where most people just starting out play on. They just wreck the people who aren't as skilled. Private should at least be in the top 5. This is my opinion

Seriously? He should be at least in the top ten. This thing is basically about who has the most fans

Come on guys it's private fearless he is great at 1v1s and combos although he's nat a strafe he is pretty op

Private should be #3 instead of Vikkstar! He is amazing with everything and he gets combos easy

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28 CraftBattleDuty

He's not that good

He'd be better without the 38282838 ping.

Very best hacker in the world

He isn't good at pvp,He almost always is the first to die when having a PvP match with the pack

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29 SyndicateProject

Since he has killed captainsparklez so many times I thank he needs to be number 9

Killed Captainsparklez several times... Should be equal or higher to Captainsparklez

Pretty good, but no where near the top 10.

Better than CaptainSparklez, but should probably be #200 considering many pvpers ar ebetter than Bajan, Jerome, etc. - Zakattack2

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30 PrestonPlayz

He deserves top 3 at least

Hmm he is here twice weird

Why is preston here twice?

I think Preston should be top 3

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31 Gravey4rd

WHAT. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. Gravey4rd is way better that most people before him. He deserves top 50

Man, how is this guy at 27 he should at LEAST be in the top 3

I Swear Gravey Is WAY BETTER THE 36 He deserves top 10

I seem that people actually rate people by the popularity. Gravey4rd should be in the top 5, just with a thought of that he was a great MCSG player reaching top 1 at the stats, and his incredible bow shots at OITC

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32 Jehovahs_Witness

Jehovah could beat mitch without any armour, trust me he has practise killing people without armour.

Very good at strafing

He's way better than the players above. I saw his videos and god he's amazing!


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33 Lovelights

Love was pretty good but then he started to suck

He was good back then and he probably still is

1000/1600 wins, enough said

Should be top 10

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34 SuchSpeed

SUCHSPEED is not the best but he should be in top 15 or more

He should of been at least 5th...

Is really good, just watch UHC ON AIR 3 montage and then you see his insane INSANE skills

Hè killes Huahwi sometimes

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35 Goldellipse

What were these people thinking... Don't make a Top 10 list about something you know NOTHING about

Goldellipse should be in top 15

He should be at least number 9

He quit now but definitely top 3

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36 Ali-A

He sucks at pvp. He isn't actually that good at Minecraft.

Dude who thought putting him at this rank was a good idea...

Even I can beat him

Where is tyrlaz alia isn't good

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37 KenWorthGaming

He's bad I could beat him cause I'm batman batman is better

He could be top 10 for sure

He is an awesome UHC player better than Preston Probably top 15

Kennys pvp has improved so much over the years and in my opinion one of the best

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38 Tylarzz

Tylarzz is the best he can kill or did already everyone on this list

55th? He should be in top 5!

The boy is better then you know 93% people on this list at least number 3

He can beat Huahwi and Grape. He should be at least top 5

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39 Dualzz

Dualzz is one of the rares legit players that can circle strafe pretty decently. He deserves the #1 place because I practiced circle strafing a lot and I still can't achieve the level that he had 6 months ago. Dan, what a god.

What can I say, the pvp master at strafe

We should dedicate a strafe montage to him.

One of the best pvpers in the old kohi pvp community, definitely in top the 5 for me

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40 SolrFlare

Friends with PoisonousApple and Grapeapplesase
Can beat them both at pvp
Should be Number 2

Sold is amazing at pvp how can he be in 42 deserves top 10

He is Just Great He Should be in number 4

In my opinion Solr is one of the best pvpers I have ever seen

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