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401 SWEET_Johny
402 Yoavkipper
403 D00ZiE

He sucks no lie

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404 SparkzMC

Very good with a sword and even better with a bow. He should be higher on this list but he is underrated.

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405 X_Heat

Under rated Pvp player. Sometimes gets every monument in a nebula game.

406 iDray
407 XtremPanda

El best de derp PvP

408 Cobalt838
409 Cole1crc
410 BennettXL
411 AldoSalas

Just voting for people I have never hear of, who is this randy?

God Peveepe, his lag makes himmore op than the others and he is good at rushing.

He rekt everybode with 11 hearts, he rekt chuck norris and said that he was ez, he is the only person that can win a 1,000,000 vs 1(aldo), aldo is love aldo is life.

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412 AwarriorVenom

This guy both sucks at pvping and map making.

- Not_AwarriorVenom

413 ZeroNexusHD

I watch his channel and he is so good. He's the new toxic

414 Yogscast Lewis+Simon V 2 Comments
415 Yellowtaxicab49

PvP is love PvP is life

416 Lootenant
417 Born2Kill_
418 Appoes
419 ZayaGaming

He's an amazing guy!

Check Out his Channel he's so good

Awesome person and pvper - Imagine Blur

Zaya's my cousin and he's one of the best pvper's I've seen1

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420 Ian99LFC
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