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401 riley9989
402 Theta_

Theta_ is one of the most underrated pvpers. He's skillful with a bow, he's a intelligent tactician, and he's amazing at leading teams and creating strategies.

He definitely is not the best at PVP, but he definitely is in the top 100.

403 Cyclones59
404 Obey_The_Fro
405 Excalllibur
406 PilotPinguin
407 Blackwolf7799

Vouch, this guys good

408 thestrangeboy1

Decent player nothing special

409 PvpGod1234Also420

My nipples are literally hard for this man. Literally hard. Literally.

V 2 Comments
410 EmeraldSword85

Emerald is love, Emerald is lyfe. Just him and his Sprint key is all he needs to strafe and combo

V 1 Comment
411 XxTheSilent14xX
412 GoodBobul
413 _Pv
414 Peji75

Please, no no no, This Guy isn't even good

V 2 Comments
415 XVenom17
416 Pooploser_11 V 2 Comments
417 Auxdempster
418 KairuMKDS
419 Captaintheus

I think he is very good at pvp

420 SWAG23JorDan
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