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481 ShadowSlayerZ7

Might as well add myself. I've been hackusates on Kohi and 8-blocked people so much that they call me a pinger :P

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482 Mark2282

One of the best archers I have ever met. He never misses and can easily win a 1v3.

483 HoboMaddy
484 Chenise Longfoot
485 NovaKnightmare

He is the best pvper. You can check his YouTube channel called : NovaKnightmare

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486 Blackwing1206
487 AlwaysReady
488 RedStrikerMC
489 Saeed
490 Manicsolit

You can't touch him

491 fireaspectcmjr17
492 Poonchee

Way better then bajancanadian in one episode he had a wood sword and the guy had a stone sword and poonchee won

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493 Grasermc V 1 Comment
494 camdog4soccer
495 RedZyra
496 H4V0C_
497 Dylan1434
498 Zephirr
499 sheldon
500 lenon
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