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61 BiboyQG

BiboyQG is skilled/better than most of these nubs. He should be in the top 10.

What this list is messed up... RainBow Tac0 is apparently better than BiboyQG... and a bunch of other random people.

Biboy was practically the inventor of the dewaded defensive style in MCSG. Smooth with a rod to pull off double-hits and combos. He is the bow spam god. Melee is average-ish, but that's mainly based on ping, fps, etc. I love his commentary, and can calmly take on a full iron, diamond sword guy with 10 hearts to spare and then continue talking. He's always giving great tips and advice. He's pretty close to Huahwi in my opinion.

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62 RainBowTAC0 V 4 Comments
63 0scavenger0

Honestly, fight this guy and you will lose. He's not the best, but he's pretty damn good.

He doesn't even play that much, and he's still a beast.

He really is good with the flint and steel, and he really has a skill at running if he is about to die

It's a new world order, they till and they fall, the pieces of ember, that kill us all

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64 realhazza V 1 Comment
65 Breezily

His knock back is crazy sometimes I think he is hacking but I know he doesn't

He could easily beat anyone in the top 10.

1. PvP GOD.
2. Breezily Bridging. If you ever meet someone who can breezily bridge, treat them like a real god.

This kid is amazing. Best PvPer in Overcast, bet PvPer in Minecraft. He can go around in no armor and take out full iron guys

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66 Sambrainiac
67 PainfulPvp

Painfulpvp is sure good not a legend in my opinion

He is not unbeatable but still pretty good.


He need to be the on the 10 top not 68!

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68 SSundee

Can someone explain how he got on this list? He could be 10 hearted by anyone on this list.

He's not really that good in pvp. He's also afraid of getting he's health low and runs away from people a lot.

Not even close he sucks at pvp go search on


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69 TeamPls

He is very good at all

He is pretty good at bowspam

He knows how to use flint and steel to have 90% chance that he will flame his opponent

He is very good at having combo with Rod-Sword

I Watched His Videos he is very good at melee

+1 vote for teampls I agree he kills huahwi on his stream 5-0 or 6-0 I don't remember

He is very good at all what he can combo bowspam rod spam and he is so smart to play pvp

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70 Crowhart

Shes a girl that should be #1 ON THIS LIST

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71 Xhockey

Crazy smart PvPer, not the best at melee, but his UHC skill and bow skill make up for it

Xhockey is beast at pvp especially at uhc and combo kit on and even gets amazing
combos on BUILDING UHC

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72 Dfield

This guy has to be at least in top ten

Not even in the top 30, and still better than 80% of this list. - Zakattack2

Not that bad, deserves to be higher

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73 LegendxTaz

Taz is good at pvp.

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74 Ibearhd V 3 Comments
75 CombuhDombuh V 1 Comment
76 Eum3

Very very good, would destroy most of the other (maybe not UnPhair)

This guy is good, the YouTubers on this list would have nothing on this fight, eum3 would rek them

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77 JustAHotDog

He's more humorous that skilled at pvp, not that it's a bad thing.

Yeah. He's a melee god even if he isn't that good with a rod.

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78 Lolitsalex

I love alex he is my daddy and he is so hot

Alex is the best at PvP no one could beat him I love his videos too he is just a great at PvP

He sucks at pot pvp I'm not lying just go watch the video called stimpay vs lolitsalex

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79 iSparktron

Pretty Good but most can't beat him

Pretty good pot pvper but other pot pvpers usually can beat him

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80 Pmheys

Why the hell is pmheys here, I swear he can take out all of those YouTubers easy.

He's only here cause none of these twelves have heard of him

I swear this list is so bad... pmheys is amazing

Pmheys should be higher laugh out loud

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