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861 HyperDarkness

Dylan. To me has really good combos sometimes I'm a little bit sad though that they didn't put Justin/acidic Blitz

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862 StainlessYewSY

Good w/ Melee and decent with bow. Nothing too special but great at PvP.

863 SubezPvP V 1 Comment
864 TapL

Best reaction time in human history

This guy is amazingly good. He would destroy the average good player

I think TapL is amazing oat pop and should be higher an the list

Tapl would be on top 10... he is good at pvp...and sky wars / uhc... he puts blocks like no one

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865 FactionsRaven

On Badilon...He killed many people in a few seconds. In a few videos before he privated his old ones, he killed a person in gapple with NO ARMOR. He sends people flying across the map just by using critical damage. He is a factions player on SaicoPvp.

866 ASameeD
867 zmcnikolai

"big PvP symbol ever"

He is pro pvp - zmc


It�'s pro

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868 Zmcnikolaii

Actually though, he has the best reflexes. Better than the top 10 except 4 ngal

869 Basshhhh
870 AJBanana V 1 Comment
871 DynamiteChris V 1 Comment
872 WhatsPuberty V 1 Comment
873 Toriable

She's pretty good at pvp! I wouldn't say she's the best, but she's pretty good! - xMaya

874 Cqctus V 1 Comment
875 ShakeJuntMC

He's really good at strafing and the rod. he's killed BiboyQG and LoveLights - Bladesword

876 xDavistorio
877 Miksa723
878 Floxic

Awesome pvper - OPGuy

879 MarkiLokuras

He are one of the better player of PvP in Spain he won the UHC Elite S3 and participate in the UHC On Air 5. - Viiktor

880 ShootMe

He honestly has pretty good combos, he just isn't know because he doesn't play big servers, many people can beat him though he isn't the best, still learning - ShootMe

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