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81 MoreAliA

AliaA is a beast at hunger games.

I don't know what to say

82 Minecraftmandip
83 Jolly Ol' Brits

Not that good at pvp, but good builders.

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84 ItsAusten

Yeah, this guy must be in top 10. Trust me.

Pretty good I'll admit.

Destroyed some fudging noobs easily

TOP 10

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85 TeamPls

He is very good at all

He is pretty good at bowspam

He knows how to use flint and steel to have 90% chance that he will flame his opponent

He is very good at having combo with Rod-Sword

I Watched His Videos he is very good at melee

PVP God +1 of course

Gamas tipota parapano

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86 Upriserryker

He doesn't need a fishing rod, or a flint and steel, or any of that crap. He is on point even when he's not focused with the bow, and it's like he's hacking when he melees 0o

Ryker is better then half of the people on this list I think this is just a popularity completion, he can kill xNestorio and doesn't need a Rod a FnS anything like that he is good and deserves to be higher than 87th

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87 oBrave

OBrave is a very good mineman. His best tactics involve using his space bar and complaining.

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88 DaGoldBrick

I play with him on servers, he should be top 10 for sure. This is rigged

Completely anihilates people even though he's playing like complete trash the last few months.

Mainly plays CS:GO now, still completely craps on people.

89 Dianab

Really Good...

90 Smiley Wylie Hub
91 Blue Deww

This is the worst list ever. Blue Deww can wreck everyone on this list. He should be 1

I took him down pretty low but he still beats me about 3 heart

This guy should be top 10 at least. He only lacks bow skill

Okay...Look up BlueDeww's Best Combo Ever video... you will know he should be number 1 after watching it...

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92 KvnPlays

This list is stupid captainsparklez and all the other can't be on this. They made honey badgers so far back!

Have you guys ever seen his videos? He clicks so damn fast and is amazing at pvp

He plays Offensive and jitters people into oblivion.

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93 ItsAustennn

Better than the pack fan boy

ItsAustennn is a very good pvper why is he in 85?!


Top 20

94 Dittos

I agree with what the other people said

I'm so confused. How is he not in the top 5?

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95 AshleyMarieeGaming

She can pvp but she can't defend herself at all without mitch... she would be #1 on the best miners in Minecraft

Can't pvp at all, absolutely terrible

So terrible, (chance of winning at pvp-15%)

Terrible at pvp, fears to have a 1v1

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96 BetterSprint

He Sucks So Bad Like Poop Really

This guy is the blockhit god, He should've, he would've, he could've been in the top 10 but the list maker is high on pot so he isn't

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97 Cowbabe

Hate you what?! what is wrong with you and your name?!

98 TheDiamondMinecart

What this guy should be top 9 million. Dan sick at pvp! I think people vote for him because of his popularity.

Actually I can beat him by just using my feet

Not too good at least in top 65


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99 Tayber

He kinda pvp like grape but a little bit better he's have go in to top 3 - Thanh

I think Tayber in my opinion should be number 1-4, he can PVP amazingly

He's good k no further reasoning he's good k

Got masters in ranked skyward

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100 Kevstah

Great - itzkleine

What #133 How did Woofless get higher than him and Bajan Canadian

Kevstah is a potpvp God he beats stimpay 3 times (2 times I think)


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