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121 Etho

Etho Is awesome with a bow so I agree

Etho will beat the crap out of u guys!

Lol "no experience" son he may not be the most skilled but he has experience. are you blind or something?

Etho was on the Minecraft server for numerous years and was considered by far to be the best pvp player on their so the fact that BajanCanadian another mindcracker is in the top ten and Etho isn't does not really make sense.

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122 TheTrail

TheTrail is legend at pot pvp

Should be top 10 with DaGoldBrick

This guy destroys pot pvpers every single one of them (not Danteh) but he is still the god of pot pvp

This guy is great at circle strafing he could probably beat a lot of the great YouTubers such as stimpy verzide djtasty combodombo and others over all this guy is the best pvper in my opinion

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123 ItsTene

He cheats, but he's good at jitter clicking.

This guy should be from top 5

You suck cock

This guy has autoclick but he is still good at pvp

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124 TehAcePvP

He beat Stimpay (which is the 5th place) once in a video called: Whenever I 1v1 stimpy...

Have you seen his clicking speed he's not the best but defenitively better than those gbg players like BajanCanadian, Vikkstar etc.

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125 RedstoneCanarias V 4 Comments
126 GamerRobin123
127 Tenebrous

So good in all parts at pvp and always gets called out for hacks. Exception of that one time, he is legit. Search him up everyone calls him a hacker even though he's extremly good

Lol he is a auto clicker

Why Tenebrous? He wasn't on the damn list

458Th he's probz better then these 300 players

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128 10AlexMc

Have any of u retards seen this guy? He should be up there in at least 30, GO 2 YouTube RIGHT NOW AND LOOK UP "Minecraft best combos".

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129 Mr_Zeroz

He Great pvper in Thailand

130 cels43
131 Stampylonghead

Seriously who invited this guy he sucks at PVP

He's good at pvp on the computer but he absolutely sucks at archery

Sucks with bows, only good with diamond swords.

His not bad.

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132 Sectioned
133 Lampbro

Oh, Lampbro. Bow god.

134 Shene0509

Are you serious? He is god at pot pvp he can rekt most of the pot pvpers you know except danteh and djthread

135 NoPotsNeuton
136 Sythee
137 The Camping Rusher

He is better then that

Come on guys he can't be this far down the list.

Beats most people in pvp. Good with the bow, and can usually hold his own in melee

He's good not tbnr level but he's good yah seen pvp?

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138 dedrevill

Por que es de la plebe

The Best PvPER In the world

This men is very nobb

Por que es un pingero

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139 mentally V 4 Comments
140 Slappbox V 1 Comment
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