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141 KorriPocky

She is really good and she has massive tits

142 KoenigseggAgera


143 Vious V 1 Comment
144 deadlox V 3 Comments
145 Rinoranchero
146 Pabs9
147 UprisingPvP

PVP in his name, PFFT, Wow he sucks!

148 Infolag

Why the heck is infolag down here he could beat stimpy

V 1 Comment
149 Vykz V 1 Comment
150 JokerKilleur
151 Topu
152 nightfuries
153 deniyok
154 TrueMU

TrueMU isn't that good, but he's a great commentator.

V 1 Comment
155 Mannila
156 darger4
157 Polex_games
158 TehHolyPanda

He's actually pretty good. He should be top 13

TehHolyPanda should be in the top 20

159 JackD88HD

This guy should be higher on this list

In my opinion hiveplayers are underrated!

I know that JackD88HD is a good pvp player because I know him from Suchspeed's Top 5 kills of the week.

Here are some players who should be involved: (they are rodplayers )

-jonas2246 30-70K

-Syphlex 50-80K


-zmajority 95-120K

-icekar 35-45K



-Suchspeed 15-30K

-Tharnivas 35-50K

-Verium 10-25K

-DaCoZx 40-60K

-Excyt 15-40K

-Luxury_ 25-45K


-Jaki 40-50K

Giochicken 20-30K

-EdTheG 30-40K

#Number - #Number K -----> There Points

160 MaxIn Minecraft
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