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141 Slappbox V 1 Comment
142 Scuffs

I can never beat him in a match and I'm great at pvp as well! He deserves to be in the top ten list!

He's better than almost all of the people in the top 10 of this list lol

Best fighter out there! I have never won a match against him and I haven't seen him lose unless he wanted to!

sick dude

V 7 Comments
143 Latenci

Is pro u strafes is soy wow and yours packs is amazing

Very promising pot pvper. Very good and best strafes


144 Madness V 1 Comment
145 Leafyishere

You can't even deny it Leafy is just the BEST VOTE FOR



Best player - 10/10

V 3 Comments
146 12Wesley13

What, 112e?! That can't be! Look his PvP video's, he should be in the top 30 or 20! Give him a place in the top 30, he is a real pvp master! I don't understand he is 112e! He should be in the top 30!

12Wesley13 is one of the best pvp players. He can beat teams, people with better weapons and hackers. He is gonna be better than huahwi. - 12Wesley13

He should be in the top 10. Look his PvP video's, he plays PvP like a master. People can't beat him easy.

Wesley, Stop adding false facts about your self... - Insan1ty

V 2 Comments
147 Graser10

In my opinion I think Graser should be at least higher (under 100)

Should at least be in the 20

Graser10 deserves to be in top 70 or higher, by the way he is God at 1.9 PvP

He sucks

V 2 Comments
148 Lavamonkey7 V 3 Comments
149 Vious V 1 Comment
150 deadlox V 3 Comments
151 Rinoranchero
152 Pabs9
153 UprisingPvP

PVP in his name, PFFT, Wow he sucks!

154 KorriPocky

She is really good and she has massive tits

155 Infolag

Why the heck is infolag down here he could beat stimpy

V 1 Comment
156 Vykz V 1 Comment
157 KoenigseggAgera
158 JokerKilleur
159 Topu
160 nightfuries
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