Top 10 Minecraft PVP YouTubers

The Top Ten Minecraft PVP YouTubers

1 Technoblade

Technoo has a great pvp style witch consists of block hit strafe and w tapping at the same time

Technoblade makes great content, he's great at PVP and he's hilarious. amazing PVP skills

Technoblade has the stafe, w taps and blockhitting all down pack he's also really entertaining to watch

Funny, chill and great at PvP. Easily my favourite Minecraft PvP YouTuber.

2 xNestorio

He looks ugly in that pic remove it he is god not peasent

your good

he's good

XNestorio deserves the number 1 spot as Danteh quit minecraft 2 weeks ago.
He is really good at pvp and almost ended up winning 3 seasons of united UHC and winning International UHC!
xNestorio is a master with the bow.
If he has a horse hide anywhere cause he is DEADLY WITH HORSES! - ImakeYouDo

3 Stimpay

Stimpay is the best here.

Stimpy should be #1

Insane c0mbos

Stimpay is coming at number 2 for the same reason as Ngal, because Danteh quit.
Stimpay is a master at pot pvp.
He also try's he's best to win against better pvpers then himself as many people don't do.
Stimpay is also on this list for beating Danteh in a pot pvp duel. - ImakeYouDo

4 jdegoederen

Jdegoederen is a very good uhc player and can easily get come nice combos on others.
jdegoederen also won a clutch against SuchSpeed (Tom)
jdegoederen can be very good at the bow sometimes. - ImakeYouDo

5 Huahwi

He is objectively the best

He must be at the top

Huahwi cause why not. - ImakeYouDo

6 Grapeapplesauce

I know he can defeat everyone that's on top 5 and in my opinion I think the top 6 are quite equal at pvp skills but I think grape should be 3rd because grape has defeated huwahi 8 times and huwahi only defeated grape 2 times and grape can kill stimpay 7/10 times and nestor and grape are equal at fighting skills nestor maybe better at caving but this list is about fighting skills I think grape should 2nd or 3rd

Best at PvP and good with bow.

8TH? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? when grapeapplesauce fights huahwi its equal yet grape wins most of the time yet when people make videos of those they only use the ones huahwi wins and people believe it. Grapeapplesauce did lose to Technoblade in a 1v1 but Grape had less Armor and got knocked off first because of how bogus technob knockback is. The only reason he has never beaten xNestorio is because both Nestor was lucky in one and the other Grapeapplesauce was Nice and (Basically) Let xNestorio win

Grape for some skywars skills - ImakeYouDo

7 Tylarzz

Tylarzz (Dante) is at number 5 for winning season 4 of United UHC and for winning International UHC with xNestorio (Ngal)
Tylarzz (Dante) is yet another UHC pvper and is very good at it.
Tylarzz (Dante) is also one of the best UHC players. - ImakeYouDo

8 SuchSpeed

SuchSpeed (Tom) is one of the most popular pvpers on YouTube.
SuchSpeed (Tom) is also much into uhc and stuff like that.
SuchSpeed (Tom) is on number 4 because of 2 thing (1) jdegoederen, Stimpay and xNestorio is better at pvp (2) he was one of the first to die in United UHC. - ImakeYouDo

9 Skeppy

Contentious his love I Base

Jk lol

I <3 his videos

10 TapL

He is a god at pvp and techno thinks TapL is better than him



The Newcomers

? Ziblacking
? Hurv_

He is very small no one really knows about him but he destroys everyone in every UHC he beats firebreathman about half the time he beat TapL before like come on he's top 30 in my books

He carried me on the bridge duels once...

he is good at the game


The Contenders

11 gamerboy80

Best ever played with him before legendary

God bedwars player

Just good

Yes the best

12 TheBestGinger13

Actually a beast

He is really good pvpier and I believe he is on 10 best players but...

13 PrestonPlayz

a good player

14 Hypixel

the best server

god server


15 Verzide

Just God

He's a god #1 pvper of all time in 1.7.10

16 Tayber

The best bear around

Good at skywars insane at strafing

17 Defib

He is just good at trapping lol

18 Kiingtong

He is a kid friendly guy and gets massive combos on people eg. Graser10

19 PopularMMOs
20 Bajan Canadian


21 Wisp

uhc but has luck

22 BiboyQG

He was there - ImakeYouDo

23 FyMurakami


24 Acidicblitzz
25 The Original Ace


Ace is Good

26 TimeDeo

Timedeo made a good texture pack and is decent

27 Zyper


28 Shotgunraids

clickbait but good

29 Vikkstar123

The Best higher here for jokes.
Always Wins.
Best in the pack.

30 Graser10
31 Haxshw

Melhor BR

32 InsanityMcGaming

He is good at pvp a little bit, always fell in to his lovely home void every single time in bed & Skywars...
Wish to become as good pvp as xNestorio & GrapeAppleSauce

33 MadMkaer7
34 JeromeASF
35 BlazingPancake

He is very well talented and has dominated in the pvp scene recently

36 Flanke
37 Ryguyrocky
38 Hubbly
39 fruitberries
40 Refraction

sw god

41 Ph1lza
42 Purpled

He is goated

43 SuperGirlyGamer
44 Geeven
45 FireBreathMan

He's one of the best in the world at PvP along with Hurv_ Techno and TapL

Legend...Won A MCC TESTING LIKE HOW! Killed xNestorio in a UHC and killed DONG_FORTNITE So If you understand where I'm coming at then yeah



46 ItsFinnishDaniel

he's ItsFinnishDAniel

47 EpicFH

He's pro

48 ManWithRaft
49 SMK64
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