Top 10 Minecraft PVP YouTubers


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1 xNestorio xNestorio

XNestorio deserves the number 1 spot as Danteh quit minecraft 2 weeks ago.
He is really good at pvp and almost ended up winning 3 seasons of united UHC and winning International UHC!
xNestorio is a master with the bow.
If he has a horse hide anywhere cause he is DEADLY WITH HORSES! - ImakeYouDo

2 jdegoederen

Jdegoederen is a very good uhc player and can easily get come nice combos on others.
jdegoederen also won a clutch against SuchSpeed (Tom)
jdegoederen can be very good at the bow sometimes. - ImakeYouDo

3 Stimpay

Stimpay is coming at number 2 for the same reason as Ngal, because Danteh quit.
Stimpay is a master at pot pvp.
He also try's he's best to win against better pvpers then himself as many people don't do.
Stimpay is also on this list for beating Danteh in a pot pvp duel. - ImakeYouDo

4 SuchSpeed

SuchSpeed (Tom) is one of the most popular pvpers on YouTube.
SuchSpeed (Tom) is also much into uhc and stuff like that.
SuchSpeed (Tom) is on number 4 because of 2 thing (1) jdegoederen, Stimpay and xNestorio is better at pvp (2) he was one of the first to die in United UHC. - ImakeYouDo

5 Technoblade

He's better than everyone and he killed grapelapplesauce

Hot elbows

Technoblade, nevah diesss

The god bedwars winstreak and the best skywars player - ImakeYouDo

6 Tylarzz

Tylarzz (Dante) is at number 5 for winning season 4 of United UHC and for winning International UHC with xNestorio (Ngal)
Tylarzz (Dante) is yet another UHC pvper and is very good at it.
Tylarzz (Dante) is also one of the best UHC players. - ImakeYouDo

7 Huahwi Huahwi

Huahwi cause why not. - ImakeYouDo

8 Grapeapplesauce Grapeapplesauce

Grape for some skywars skills - ImakeYouDo

9 BiboyQG BiboyQG

He was there - ImakeYouDo

10 TheBestGinger13

He is really good pvpier and I believe he is on 10 best players but...

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11 Graser10 Graser10
12 FyMurakami


13 Acidicblitzz


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