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I think he is a fantastic pvp player as proven in every single mc monday event so far, only losing on the last two weeks (3 and 4) due to bad teammates and a certain overpowered duo (Vikk and Preston). He also holds the second highest bedwars streak of 1400. As a youtuber I find him hilarious and his content is always great even if he only uploads quite rarely because of his busy schedule in college. I definitely recommend for people to watch him. he is loads of fun to watch and you will laugh for sure.

He's great and for me personally #1 though I havnt seen all youtubers here he's amazing and at times can't show this in competitions due to the rng or abuse of items

Technoblade makes great content, he's great at PVP and he's hilarious. amazing PVP skills

He's amazing I love his vidoes great at pvp definitely deserve's first place #technoblade neva dies!


XNestorio deserves the number 1 spot as Danteh quit minecraft 2 weeks ago.
He is really good at pvp and almost ended up winning 3 seasons of united UHC and winning International UHC!
xNestorio is a master with the bow.
If he has a horse hide anywhere cause he is DEADLY WITH HORSES!

Amazing I think probably better then Technoblade in my opinion

He looks ugly in that pic remove it he is god not peasent

well Its either ngal or techonblade


Stimpay is coming at number 2 for the same reason as Ngal, because Danteh quit.
Stimpay is a master at pot pvp.
He also try's he's best to win against better pvpers then himself as many people don't do.
Stimpay is also on this list for beating Danteh in a pot pvp duel.

Stimpay is the best here.

Stimpy should be #1

Insane c0mbos


Yeah the guy is a nut in UHC PvP. UHC PvP pretty much covers most of Minecraft PvP skills and mechanics, and this dude's a freaking nut at it.

Jdegoederen is a very good uhc player and can easily get come nice combos on others.
jdegoederen also won a clutch against SuchSpeed (Tom)
jdegoederen can be very good at the bow sometimes.


I do think that Xnestorio is better than Techno, and Huahwi can consitently beat Nestor (see Huahwis perspective of United UHC Season 1)

He is objectively the best

I don't know about him

Huahwi cause why not.


8TH? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? when grapeapplesauce fights huahwi its equal yet grape wins most of the time yet when people make videos of those they only use the ones huahwi wins and people believe it. Grapeapplesauce did lose to Technoblade in a 1v1 but Grape had less Armor and got knocked off first because of how bogus technob knockback is. The only reason he has never beaten xNestorio is because both Nestor was lucky in one and the other Grapeapplesauce was Nice and (Basically) Let xNestorio win

I know he can defeat everyone that's on top 5 and in my opinion I think the top 6 are quite equal at pvp skills but I think grape should be 3rd because grape has defeated huwahi 8 times and huwahi only defeated grape 2 times and grape can kill stimpay 7/10 times and nestor and grape are equal at fighting skills nestor maybe better at caving but this list is about fighting skills I think grape should 2nd or 3rd

Best at PvP and good with bow.

Love the way he fights


SuchSpeed (Tom) is one of the most popular pvpers on YouTube.
SuchSpeed (Tom) is also much into uhc and stuff like that.
SuchSpeed (Tom) is on number 4 because of 2 thing (1) jdegoederen, Stimpay and xNestorio is better at pvp (2) he was one of the first to die in United UHC.

the combos are just.. speedy


Tylarzz (Dante) is at number 5 for winning season 4 of United UHC and for winning International UHC with xNestorio (Ngal)
Tylarzz (Dante) is yet another UHC pvper and is very good at it.
Tylarzz (Dante) is also one of the best UHC players.


14 PingSpoof Good MEMEZ + he's amazing at pvping also I think he should collab with Dream More I want to see a Dream Vs TechnoBlade Vs Skeppy Vs George or Dream and George Vs Skeppy and Badboyhalo

Contentious his love I Base

no he traps kids instead of fighting (how do you know they are kids)

yep he diservis really diserves one of the top places


Preston I dare you to challenge Techno. I f you need backup call dream and Avery the minecraft dude that beat Techno. I subed turned on the natefications and liked your videos

He is just too good

He is just a god

Really sneaky!

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He is a god at pvp and techno thinks TapL is better than him


Best ever played with him before legendary

God bedwars player

Yes the best

to good

ultimate bedwars pvper


the best server



He is a kid friendly guy and gets massive combos on people eg. Graser10

he is so good he knows how to pvp knows how to combo with fishing rod and know when to eat gapples
well I don't know why is he not first

what?! I think graser could beat him

really good better than nestro


He is really good pvpier and I believe he is on 10 best players but...

Actually a beast

insane come backs


Versatile in both 1.8 and 1.9 pvp, and UHC

Techno says he's waaaayyyy better then him

its because he's just fruit berries that's why

good traps but not raw pvp.


super good at all PVP

uhc but has luck

good scardy cat but ok


bedwars oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

clickbait but good


he has a UHC store and he kill a player with fire work LOL

better than kiingtong


Timedeo made a good texture pack and is decent


He took down the most powerful modded bosses


The Best higher here for jokes.
Always Wins.
Best in the pack.


He's a god #1 pvper of all time in 1.7.10


He's one good pvp fighter


The best bear around

Good at skywars insane at strafing

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