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I love Technoblade's videos, and he's great at pvp, but I have to agree, Huahwi is definitely better. He's still great at pvp even after leaving Minecraft for a while.

he is actually a GOD he comes up with a strat just watch his youtuber uhc cube season 2 at the end, he was so frickin' god damn awesome. he comboes so well, and toggles like hell. definitely number one.

by the way huahwi came back to youtube. this was from 2020

Why is Huahwi 3rd? He should be top 2! How come bajancanadian is above this great player? Bajan doesn't use any of his secondaries, calls strafing "the circle strat" and complains of hacks when he dies. I don't know who is tragik dude is, but if he's better than huahwi id like to see him 1v1 hoohowee the legend.

Watched his video, his good, better then most. Someone my friend would love to fight.

(Friend gets accused for hacking in multiple servers)


Techno just humiliates people. One skywars round, 7 people in a row tried to attack him with similar gear at mid. He combo-ed every single one w/o knocking them off, saying every time "oh hey, not even close"

Technoblade is really good at using game mechanics to his advantage. He's good with knockback and how to strafe. He's just all around great at PVP

Ok so not only is he good at pvp, he is good at Tnt run, party games, Bingo, one shot and basically every gamemode. He is really skilled and he has beaten E-sport players.

He is the best minecraft player (in PvP) that I've ever seen in my life. The combos he gets on people I can't even dream of because they are awesome.


Just watch him play. Techno is overrated and for those who think techno was super good in minecraft monday, do you realize that lots of the best pvpers weren't in there, because it went mostly by popularity. He got second with Ninja... with NINJA.

Techno's definitely funnier and more enjoyable but xNestorio is CLEARLY better at PvP. Even Techno has been afraid of being 1 tapped by the man.

He's a monster he like never loses his UHC events. Even though he hosts them and is the best player on there, people team up against him and he destroys. Techno is even afraid of going up against him in a 1v1

xnestorio is great and finish up battles quickly... he also performed well in MCM and MCS and he won 2nd place with Ninja and WON 2 times in MCS...


Held is the best paper I have seen and I'm not his fan I just watch him sometimes and I notice the I's a god at pvp I vote grapeapplesauce

He is better at pvp his combos are insane he is better then nestorio he is number 3 I don't think he is better then huawhi and techoblade but he can beat xnestorio for sure

For my opinion the list should be
All this is in order in my opinion.



He's the only one who could actually perform a combo /

Cayden circle strafe means pray for the opponent

He is the reason why it's hard to touch people in pvp nowadays

Please Cayden U are One OF the best PVPers ever


I've beat him in a duel once around a year and a half ago but he should be #1 honestly, he's been consistently at the top more than any other player from what I've seen

Lol stimpy is the best there is no question about it listener hacks; his skill is unrivaled in potion pvp and got auto banned from badlion in 30 minutes so yeah...

Marcel has been playing since old kohi so he has much experience.He also plays Overwatch competitively the only reason I won't give him 1st place is he is slowly moving away from the game.

Stimpay is the best.. It's been proven multiple times. He can beat everyone above. Those are just UHC players. huahwi is plain trash, he's terrible at aiming and clicking. never plays potpvp cause he's terrible at it. only plays survival games.


He should be #1 he can beat almost anyone that has more gear than him. In United UHC Season 6 he was wrecking everyone. He almost won against a 2v1 against hannahxxrose and ZMCNikolai

Why is Tylarzz 25
He's better than most of the people ranked higher

My man quit for fortnite, though he should be top3, he 2v1ed Hannah and Nikolai and nearly won

Don't bother fight him. your screwed


Okay, he won a winner takes all without
his teammate (Graser10) not doing any thing he killed TapL and he also killed TimeDeo’s
entire team

I haven’t watch this guy sense like a few years ago and he was not up here. I’m impressed he got this far and I hope he stopped cussing

Smart and good aim duh should be higher stop voting nubs like techno who has subs

Nice at taking advantage of other items/environment


bruh he's better than huawhi, he literally had to help huawhi remove his rust. this man thought minecraft was too easy. first to get 2800 elo on badlion.

He is literally the best. Only a few people in this websites top 10 can have a CHANCE at beating him. He even destroyed #1 Huahwi easily, right after he beat Grape and 3 other people IN A ROW. He beat ALL 5 OF THEM. Only a few people on this list stand a chance, those people being xNestorio, Huahwi, Stimpay, Cayden, ApacheBlitz, TewChaynz, and only a few more. He was rank #1 global on Badlion last season and had 2700 ELO ON BUILD. IT IS UNHEARD OF.

Danteh is the best... at least at buildUHC so yeah since when is bajan better? danteh is better than bajan in everything and he is better than huahwi not way better but he is just better AND WERE IS LATENCI and what gapsause is number 2 what

I think their needs to be a top 10 PvP battle I'm just saying Danteh has it in the bag

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Back in the day Preston used to be a god at PVP and has beaten a lot of YouTubers. Nowadays he does other stuff so a lot of his old videos are hard to reach

He is a god in PvP.All the people who say that Preston is bad at PvP are dumb.l bet that the people that say that Preston is bad at PvP suck at PvP.l am Preston' s fan forever

he is very skilled.. though rusty ... he is very good at bedwars, eggwars, micro battles and more pvp stuff. HE is also great in other stuff like party games...

Best Pvper seen. HE has even beaten BajanCanadian a couple of times and is always playing on pvp servers.


What nestorio is better LMAO


Deato is playing PC TOO


I don't know where he went but best EU

Not in order just top 10
Huahwi if he still played

good pvper


TapL is definitely at least in the top ten, and even if not first, I think that he also deserves something for his 100k special, I mean, that is some insane video editing AND he's also just soo good at pvp

He is a god at pvp even though he looses most of his server’s UHC events I understand bc he is competing with over 100 other players

I feel like he got worse. No offense but he just doesn’t seem to pvp as well as he did like a year or so ago. Still though really good YouTuber and is good at Minecraft

His videos are the best and he is the best pvper because he is a ki lling machine if youve seen his videos, he kills EVERYONE in UHC


BajanCanadian has skill confidence everthing you would ever need in pvp that's
Why he is so good sometimes he can be defeated but still stands strong so that the tragic deaths he has to face don't matter

HeheheheHAHAAHA these kids make me laugh bajan is trash just like all the kids he beats in sg I can tell u this bajan was never good and was a noob from the start he can't rod he is bad at bow the ownly wins he gets are by killing kids on the nexus and other trash youtubers that are barely considered average in pvp

Bajancanadian is a NOOB he belongs in worst 10 pvpers. I've watched most of the people on this list and benja is TRASH compared to these guys.

Hey just because Bajan is not good at everything at least he knows the basics and more about then an average player


You don’t think he’s that good, but trust me, he almost killed TheBestGinger13, he did it in Cube UHC Season 20 Ginger was really stacked and had OP loot but he got wrecked by Vick.

Vikk is still pretty good and deserves a better place cause I mean he slays in SG and SkyBlockle in MCC(Minecraft Championship)

Vikk has always been above average if not top 10 but he hasn't shown a ton

Vikkstar is overall a great pvper. He wrecks people in MC Tournaments


People don't know what actual skill is. People vote on other people because they're popular. Acidic, on the other hand, has been good all the way though. His strafes are some of the best, and his rod combos are godly. His bow skills are super good, and he's just a god in my opinion. Should in the top 4.

Should be like #5

Yep he rod combos u up better be prepared if your pvping him



Okay, he killed xNestorio, he died to ZMCNikolai & hannahxxrose but that’s reasonable he killed many teams too (I’m talking about United UHC 6)

Season 3 he destroyed so many teams with bigboy uhc. Dude he is so calm I think he might win vs nikoli


Have no idea why he is here top 5 clearly people don't watch uhc enough go watch cynical or united montage

No particular order I've played against most of these and there good top 10 should be xnestorio zmcnikoli tylazz suchspeed huahwi biboy bestginger mentally grapeapplesauce shutupbrick that should be it most people will think no but that is

Actually good


All I can't say this guys a G0D

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