Top Ten Minecraft PvPers

The Top Ten Minecraft PvPers

1 Huahwi

Even though he left he is really good at pvp pulling of combos many people can only dream of

Bruh he literally just doesn't even try against the pros, like he's too good.

I love Technoblade's videos, and he's great at pvp, but I have to agree, Huahwi is definitely better. He's still great at pvp even after leaving Minecraft for a while.

Watched his video, his good, better then most. Someone my friend would love to fight.

(Friend gets accused for hacking in multiple servers)

2 Technoblade

I mean dude is a legend. Who else beats up players with their bare hands and wins every time?

he should be first cause he just got like 1818 of a winstreet on bed wars not only that he also destroys people at any king of game mode there is

He is the best minecraft player (in PvP) that I've ever seen in my life. The combos he gets on people I can't even dream of because they are awesome.

He is basically unkillable. I haven't seen anyone in the history of Minecraft fight Technoblade and win.

3 xNestorio

He would slay grape and maybe even Huahwi

He's tech is just so great.

He is just a straight up boss.

EVERYBODY GET YO *censored*-ing hands up

4 Grapeapplesauce

I think Grape because he's really good. While he loses, I've seen him win many UHC contests.

He's no even good his video are over edit to make him look amazing at pvp

Held should not best here he will slay xnestorio and maybe even techno blade maybe not huahwi held should be 2nd

He is not number 4 he is number 2 I think he will slay nestor and technoblade but maybe even huahwi

5 Cayden

He's the only one who could actually perform a combo /

Cayden circle strafe means pray for the opponent

He's so bad and he can't evan aim for his life

He is the reason why it's hard to touch people in pvp nowadays

6 Stimpay

I've beat him in a duel once around a year and a half ago but he should be #1 honestly, he's been consistently at the top more than any other player from what I've seen - PeeledBanana

He has just proven himself to be such a good pvp-er time and time again

Stumpy is better than every legit player ever is no doubt the best

Lol stimpy is the best there is no question about it listener hacks; his skill is unrivaled in potion pvp and got auto banned from badlion in 30 minutes so yeah...

7 BANJerboa
8 iRaZzoR

This kid can even kill a noob to save his life

9 ZMCNikolai

Smart and good aim duh should be higher stop voting nubs like techno who has subs

He is the only person to win 2 united uhc seasons, he's good at pvp, damit

He has proven himself to be an amazing pvp player in all of the randomized uhc’s

I haven’t watch this guy sense like a few years ago and he was not up here. I’m impressed he got this far and I hope he stopped cussing

10 Prestonplayz

This guy sucks at pvp I have no idea what you guys mean lmao, he's only good at parkour

Well trash go somewhere else he should be #50 +

Bro he is a best just check his videos

He is so rusty dude I mean he only plays skyblock

The Newcomers

? Giannis the Pro

I know I'm a pvp god - pappet960

The Contenders

11 DeatoDreameZ

Trash don't even know this kid


What nestorio is better LMAO

Deato is playing PC TOO

12 Danteh

He's one of the best, he will DESTROY you.

A true Minecraft PvP God. Professional Overwatch player now

I think their needs to be a top 10 PvP battle I'm just saying Danteh has it in the bag

Danteh is a God at pvp He Should be Number 2

13 FeiTJinxy

Terrible and everything he does and can't even open his game

14 jdegoederen

This kid is so terrible should be burned with those jews

I don't know where he went but best EU

Not in order just top 10
Huahwi if he still played

good pvper

15 ProF/ProFlame
16 BajanCanadian

Hey just because Bajan is not good at everything at least he knows the basics and more about then an average player

You guys should see the top 10 best players at Minecraft in general and Bajan Canadian is on there

To honest the one who make this list is stupid Bajancanadian is a NOOB

BajanCanadian SUCKS At Minecraft In General

17 TapL

His videos are the best and he is the best pvper because he is a ki lling machine if youve seen his videos, he kills EVERYONE in UHC

I feel like he got worse. No offense but he just doesn’t seem to pvp as well as he did like a year or so ago. Still though really good YouTuber and is good at Minecraft

Tall isn't all that great I mean he can beat pretty much anyone but he isn't a god or anything

One of the best PvPers currently playing the game. - Braeden

18 tylarzz

My man quit for fortnite, though he should be top3, he 2v1ed Hannah and Nikolai and nearly won

Why is Tylarzz 25
He's better than most of the people ranked higher


Don't bother fight him. your screwed

19 AciDicBlitzz

People don't know what actual skill is. People vote on other people because they're popular. Acidic, on the other hand, has been good all the way though. His strafes are some of the best, and his rod combos are godly. His bow skills are super good, and he's just a god in my opinion. Should in the top 4.

Should be like #5

Wash up old man harassing little on a block game.


20 gravey4rd
21 Elmayor30
22 Vikkstar123

Number 1

23 BiboyQG

Actually good

Have no idea why he is here top 5 clearly people don't watch uhc enough go watch cynical or united montage

No particular order I've played against most of these and there good top 10 should be xnestorio zmcnikoli tylazz suchspeed huahwi biboy bestginger mentally grapeapplesauce shutupbrick that should be it most people will think no but that is

24 ApacheBlitz

All I can't say this guys a G0D

25 ComboDombo

He used auto-clicker!



26 HattoWolf

Hatto wolf is #1he can ez mode anyone

27 CreeperFarts

He is awesome

It should be
1 Huahwi
2 Poev
3 Aunzu
4 Grapeapplesauce
5 Jacobites
6 AirWay_
7 Tayber
8 SuchSpeed
9 PrivateFearless
10 daddymel
Most of these people are from a pvp server the ip the people that are from roxbot are Poev Aunzu Jacobites and daddymel and Tayber is a YouTube from hypixel and so is AirWay_ but he doesn't have a YouTube channel

28 PettZahHutt

This guy doesn't get much attention like the other people because he quit Minecraft Monday after the first week. This guy is honestly the best.

He is a God

Guys says he sucks at pvp yet Can LITERALLY destroy technoblade is he still played now we got like jerome skeppy and bajan maybe Vikk but damn they need to get like TapL Or Xnestorio

29 ItsTene

He doesn't rlly hack he admitted he only hacked in the first stimpy 1v1

He is good 18cps god

Nice pvper

30 PrivateFearless

#7 at least come on

Private is so cool

IZE IS DECENT but not dat good compared to me

He is a ledgend

31 SolarFlare

This guy is sooo good

Solr is a god

32 IPlatinum
33 Hypixel

Hypixel sucks at pvp he doesn't deserve to have his own server

Hypixel died to Technoblade that's why he sucks at pvp

34 Tragik_Ending

He just too good. He can be beaten at times but he can just keep it up like no one else. Getting kills and kills while the others get kills just occasionally.

He cannot be beaten. Try anything, he gotcha. He will always be, the best.

Um... holy crap you good man

Laugh out loud too good.

35 Chanse

Fought Tom, traded with Tom, got Tom down to 3 hrts with full proc 1 versus tom's proc 3

Chanse was really good, the fight with suchspeed

36 Postinq
37 Solrflare

Season 3 he destroyed so many teams with bigboy uhc. Dude he is so calm I think he might win vs nikoli

38 Fxde
39 StimpyZ
40 CaptainSparklez

As most people probably know, captainsparkles was in a season of mindcrack uhc and although he died in his first fight, he did not get a fair fight because the mobs in his cave were very hard to deal with and he lost a lot of hearts

41 JeromeASF/HackSource

If he focuses more on PvPing then making joke he could probably make the top #15

He's da best bacca that ever played

Fat nub.he is so bad


42 Avery
43 StimpyPvP

I meant he is good

Stimpy is epic

Stimpy is God at Pvp


44 Latenci

He's THE BESt at potpvp and he's good at UHC

45 AntVenom
46 KyleSmile
47 SerchEmn/Sentry
48 TheBajanCanadian

What’s the difference in BajanCanadian and THEBajanCanadian

49 iProCombo

THIS a god of pvper

50 ItsUndeadYT
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