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1 Huahwi

He is a true baller, best to ever be seen. Only problem is his addiction to the sun.

He is really good no doubt crushing some of them competitors on this list

Circle Strafe and Pray

Lord on pvp huahwii

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2 Grapeapplesauce

I don't know why Grape isn't in second he is way better than the people that are above him. Except he might not be better than Huahwi.

How is Bajancandian better than Grapeapplesauce he is way better with a fishing rod and he always has a good strategy.

Grape is number 2 because he does rod combos and OTHER stuff

He is the best at pvp and beat huahwi anyday

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3 Tragik_Ending

He just too good. He can be beaten at times but he can just keep it up like no one else. Getting kills and kills while the others get kills just occasionally.

He cannot be beaten. Try anything, he gotcha. He will always be, the best.

Just go check out his channel, MrMCTragik. You can find him on play.

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4 Cayden

He's the only one who could actually perform a combo /

Cayden circle strafe means pray for the opponent

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5 xNestorio

He is just a straight up boss.

What nestor use to be top 4 now he's 7 he is number 7

Nestor is a god


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6 Stimpay

Lol stimpy is the best there is no question about it listener hacks; his skill is unrivaled in potion pvp and got auto banned from badlion in 30 minutes so yeah...

3 second fight and he wins

He is the best

He's the best kohi player, he's god, 1v1 him pot and you're dead meat. - Pixtol

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7 BajanCanadian

To honest the one who make this list is stupid Bajancanadian is a NOOB

BajanCanadian SUCKS At Minecraft In General

Bajancanadian is a NOOB he belongs in worst 10 pvpers. I've watched most of the people on this list and benja is TRASH compared to these guys.

The Other people or Haters says Mitch (BajanCanadian) is Bad at PVP And Most People says Mitch is one of the Pvp God in Minecraft so this is my Opinion.Mitch's skills like Flawless and Though guy to deal with it
and he's goal is to "Win".I know He lose sometimes because he's is showing the truth that what skill he has.
And someone says that XNestrio Defeat Mitch,that was impossible,that video is not Mitch at all.
XNestrio is trying to filmed Mitch to get killed and showing that who he is.

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8 Danteh

He's one of the best, he will DESTROY you. - Pixtol

Danteh is a God at pvp He Should be Number 2

Way too good he even beat huahwi

Thank you for your kind words!
I am probably second if not first...I don't know Huahwi is good.

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9 CreeperFarts

He is awesome


It should be
1 Huahwi
2 Poev
3 Aunzu
4 Grapeapplesauce
5 Jacobites
6 AirWay_
7 Tayber
8 SuchSpeed
9 PrivateFearless
10 daddymel
Most of these people are from a pvp server the ip the people that are from roxbot are Poev Aunzu Jacobites and daddymel and Tayber is a YouTube from hypixel and so is AirWay_ but he doesn't have a YouTube channel

10 gravey4rd

The Contenders

11 PrivateFearless

Private is so cool

So good at pakor

He is a ledgend

12 DeatoDreameZ V 3 Comments
13 BANJerboa
14 JeromeASF/HackSource

Fat nub.he is so bad

Jerome is awesome and is a epic baca. The merome squad has won hundreds of hg,cop and robbers, and many more


15 HattoWolf V 1 Comment
16 ComboDombo V 3 Comments
17 ApacheBlitz V 1 Comment
18 CaptainSparklez

As most people probably know, captainsparkles was in a season of mindcrack uhc and although he died in his first fight, he did not get a fair fight because the mobs in his cave were very hard to deal with and he lost a lot of hearts

19 StimpyPvP

I meant he is good

Stimpy is epic

Stimpy is God at Pvp

I disagree. He should be on like 7 and Dreamer_420 Is better than Huawi And Stimpy and Verzide here is my opionion

1. Dreamer_420

2. Verzide

3. StimpyPvP

4. Krustah - Forgot name -

5. Danteh

6. lolitsalex

7. Lurifaxey

8. Camber

9. Hauwi - Forgot name -

10. TapL

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20 AntVenom
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