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101 ItsAustennn

Best with the fishing rod, has oustanding elo on badlion and I guarantied you he can ace the whole team of flux, just like Danteh did.

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102 Woofless
103 Lachlan

Lachlan is a rilly bad pvper he should not be on this list and should die

104 KingPongMen
105 Toria_san
106 Kobbald
107 petranhoses
108 iNestorio
109 iSantiagoMZ V 1 Comment
110 AndyForce
111 Minecraft Central

God pot pvper perfect aim and straightlines like a god and he can also strafe - DIXAY

114 Disneydude12
115 PauseUnpause
116 GraserMC

Graser is one of the most underrated pvpers out there, many people judge him because he does not do good in cube uhcs very often but if you look in his sg episodes he is really good.

117 qenis

Qenis is very underrated but people who have payed closer attention to him know that he is extremely talented

118 Etho
119 Squibly_

Squibly_ is decent at pvp but it is only because he has 0 ping to every server. with that said, squibly would be higher in the list if it wasnt for his poor pve skills

120 Shy_Raccoon

Mr. Raccoon wins every game he plays and only loses if he gets hacked on or if badlion servers are trash

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