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1 Mineplex

Overrated AS HELL.

Sorry to all the fanboys I pissed off, but it is.

Over rated? What are your peoples problems this server has an amazing community only 3 bad staff and is way better then hypixel. - Ilyas678

Why are there two?

I actually do like this server. Let me explain.

1. Achievements. The achievement system is good. It's really easy to see which ones you have or need to get, and in most games there is motivation to get achievements (Gems/shards and achievement kits). The achievements are *usually* not ridiculously hard to get.

2. Ranks. The ranks on this server are balanced. There isn't a single kit anywhere in the game that is rank-exclusive. Ranks give you purely cosmetic perks, as well as MPS servers and joining full lobbies. You can just as easily win a game with a rank as without.

3. Navigation. The server is easy to navigate, and the games are well explained. And if you are still having trouble with them, ask someone. The community here is actually very helpful in my experience, and someone almost always answers your questions.

4. I know that the anti-cheat doesn't catch a lot of things, but it does tend to catch fly and speed, which most hackers use. Just get the ...more

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2 Hypixel

Hypixel goes for more of quality then quantity, which is good. They do not have too many games, most being just tiny 10 minute games. There staff aren't too good, and the anti-cheat is not too god, but overall, the games are fun, the community isn't complete cancer, and its slightly playable. - idkdan

The best server. Never gets old. There are so many games and so many genres. LOVE IT! The Blocking Dead mini game is amazing... !

There are lots of mini games which are always quick and easy to get on to

Someone called me a hacker on build battle for guessing more words then them then she said her brother is an undercover mod who will ban. Then when she overtook me she went “LOL I'm BETTER I HAVE HIGHER SCORE” what a loser - Lunala

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3 ShotBow Network

Never heard of it. I bet it's great though

This is pocket edition?

Awesome, Love GhostCraft Mode and MineZ Gunz... The guy who made MineZ is one of the owners of this Server

Annhilation is fun - Lunala

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I think they could definitely work on their anti-cheat a bit more, as well as the staff team, although I really enjoy their actual games. The SG is quite fun, despite the toxic community, and the hackers everywhere. - idkdan

As an MCSG Mod I can guarantee you that it is a very fun server.
It is pretty competitive too so if you have a competitive side it's just for you.
Hate survival games teams? We got Solo SG

Sad that it closed :(

5 ItsJerryAndHarry

So fun! If you are a noob at survival games you can play it and it makes it easier for you because the chests have good loot.

Best mods ever and tons of fun game modes.

I love Mine Fighters.

6 HiveMC

I hate how you always get kicked from games for donor space - Ilyas678

I like the games but the staff and players are abusive!

Pretty fun, but there is no swear filter, young players beware!

There is a swear filter now, filled with many games, not pay to win and GREATT

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8 Avicus

Very nice server, fun games to play, fun people to meet and you'll surely want to come back after the first time!

Umm yes this server is extremely good probably the best server out there join immediately just stop what you're doing and join it's the best server yeah! - SuspiciousHousePlant

Avicus is one of the best servers I have ever found, I have probably been playing it for 2 or so years and it still has the same feeling!

The community is phenomenal!

It's a really really fun server with a great community

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10 Mindcrack

I haven't joined it yet, but I'm expecting very good quality!

Epic server! Very original games

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11 Overcast Network

Overcast is filled with great people and has a great community. Especially if you start to talk to some people on the server, you will make many friends. The staff is very active, and do an amazing job at getting rid of hackers.

Overcast is filled with many fun maps to play on with a bunch of different gamemodes such as Destroy the Core, Capture the Wool, Blitz, Ghost Squadron, Team Death Match, Rage, and KoTH. All of Overcasts maps are very well done, and are made so players enjoy their experience.

I have made so many friends there, and have enjoyed my time playing there for the past 3 years.

I HIGHLY recommend.

Not bad. Better than 90% of this crap. Even though I can't say its #1.

A great server if you want a team-based competitive game to play. Tournaments are held where teams can play against each other often.

This is by far the best server on minecraft and now they are shutting down. NO!

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12 Brawl

Very good server, very high quality games and very original! Its nice to see a server that doesn't copy every other one. If your looking for a fun server, with a nice community and lots of awesome games, definitely check out Brawl. - idkdan

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13 Ultra
14 Badlion

Best PvP server.

15 SkyDoesMinecraft

Server features all mini-games played by sky! Must use by any sky fan!

This server is really bad.

All sky does is swear and be an idiot!

He actually made some cool games like Levels PvP.

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16 Wynncraft

This is the best no doubt about it

Now that the Gavel update is out, this deserves at least the top 10.

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17 McPVP

This server is amazing and original. I'm sure that if McPVP never existed, quite a few servers nowadays would not exist. If you want to do a game of strategy and teamwork, play CTF. Want to cooperate with a few other players to be the masters of the maze? It's there. Hunger Games? Sabotage? Build? Smash? Kitpvp? It's all there. Best server ever.

Lots of original games. Maze runner, sabotage (super craft bros) Hardcore Games (break block hunger games, ctf and more. Very fun and original.

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It has Bridges, Paintball, Survival Games, Super Smash Mobs, Mine Kart (which is Mario kart with animals instead of karts), turf wars. It has 16 mini games. It's simply the best server ever.

Who ever posted this, it is the same as mineplex!

This is the most addictive server you'll ever play on!


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