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1 Mineplex

Mineplex sucks.

Mineplex and Lifeboat are the best, and really think about hypixel. It is gay

It's so much laggier than any other servers

Overrated AS HELL.

Sorry to all the fanboys I pissed off, but it is.

2 Hypixel

You always see famous minecraft youtubers playing on this server all the time, not mineplex!

In the games you must rush, over servers don't have the rush thing for each game like minplex I wonder why it's not in the top 1...

They have the best skyblock. no questions asked

Best server ever!

3 ItsJerryAndHarry

The best server in the world! - BigBobbyWesternization

These guys are great they have exclusives only at this server that are nowhere else! From MineFighter to pyramid, herobrine's chamber and even one in the chamber! - BigBobbyWesternization

So fun! If you are a noob at survival games you can play it and it makes it easier for you because the chests have good loot.

Best mods ever and tons of fun game modes.

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I think they could definitely work on their anti-cheat a bit more, as well as the staff team, although I really enjoy their actual games. The SG is quite fun, despite the toxic community, and the hackers everywhere. - idkdan

As an MCSG Mod I can guarantee you that it is a very fun server.
It is pretty competitive too so if you have a competitive side it's just for you.
Hate survival games teams? We got Solo SG

Sad that it closed :(


I like

7 HiveMC

It’s my favourite and my friends favourite!

I hate how you always get kicked from games for donor space - Ilyas678

I like the games but the staff and players are abusive!

Pretty fun, but there is no swear filter, young players beware!

8 ShotBow Network

Never heard of it. I bet it's great though

Annhilation is fun - Lunala

This is pocket edition?

Awesome, Love GhostCraft Mode and MineZ Gunz... The guy who made MineZ is one of the owners of this Server

9 Brawl

Very good server, very high quality games and very original! Its nice to see a server that doesn't copy every other one. If your looking for a fun server, with a nice community and lots of awesome games, definitely check out Brawl. - idkdan


10 Ultra

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11 Badlion

Best PvP server.

13 The Hive

Poor hive it is pretty fun (WAY BETTER THEN HYPIXEL so I'm gonna give it some points

The hive is number 14. REALLY?!?! It's my favorite server.

Has everything you need!

Worst server I ever played.
I'm guessing you know who this is coming from @Avicus.

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15 SkyDoesMinecraft

Server features all mini-games played by sky! Must use by any sky fan!

All sky does is swear and be an idiot!

This server is really bad.

He actually made some cool games like Levels PvP.

16 Avicus

Very nice server, fun games to play, fun people to meet and you'll surely want to come back after the first time!

Umm yes this server is extremely good probably the best server out there join immediately just stop what you're doing and join it's the best server yeah! - SuspiciousHousePlant

Avicus is one of the best servers I have ever found, I have probably been playing it for 2 or so years and it still has the same feeling!

The community is phenomenal!

This server is life, great community, great games.

17 CubeCraftGames

The maps, kits, and games are amazing. The connection is OK, too. - Pokemonfan10

Egg wars, best game, best server

I quite enjoy their painting signs and egg wars. - MChkflaguard_Yt

There is only one good game, EGGWARS!

19 Mindcrack

I haven't joined it yet, but I'm expecting very good quality!

Epic server! Very original games

Oh! I'm looking it up now

That server is aweseom

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20 Nexus

I can't even get on there cause it's 1.7.9 if I do that I get crash report

The nexus is the official hunger games server, its also BAJANCANADIANS SERVER

22 Kohi

Best competitive server

The best server

23 MineZ

MineZ all the way, You have to like it!


It has Bridges, Paintball, Survival Games, Super Smash Mobs, Mine Kart (which is Mario kart with animals instead of karts), turf wars. It has 16 mini games. It's simply the best server ever.

Who ever posted this, it is the same as mineplex!

This is the most addictive server you'll ever play on!

Why don't people vote for Mineplex? Best server EVER (Also Captainsparklez owns it as well)

25 Mineslam.Me
26 Wynncraft

This is the best no doubt about it

Now that the Gavel update is out, this deserves at least the top 10.

Wynncraft. Good ol classic mmorpg. Should be at least nuber 3

Best serers

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27 Zombie Manic

Amazing, But unlike ShotBow Network, the family aspect isn't there asmuch.


I'm a tier on this server and I've been playing for a while. SERVERS BOSS! - VenomEX

Now, it's not my favorite and I'm sorry I don't play on this server anymore, but the texture pack is beautiful and its part of my early Minecraft memories :) -EmileeBrooke

It's a creative server but you can get custom heads, 150x150 size plots, and an epic pvp arena.

Play this all the time! I'm a teir 10

29 Creativefun.Eu
30 Arcane

Had great HCF

31 Hunger Games

Pretty Good if you like the "Eating Flesh" Type of idea.

De betty is on de way to enemies faces.


32 McMonarch Network

Always to be remembered!

33 Swag-Craft

Pretty good! Like the many ports..

I love this server. Just the creative plots is hilarious

Creative plots are sexy 😉 - Randompersonlol

34 Overcast Network

Overcast is filled with great people and has a great community. Especially if you start to talk to some people on the server, you will make many friends. The staff is very active, and do an amazing job at getting rid of hackers.

Overcast is filled with many fun maps to play on with a bunch of different gamemodes such as Destroy the Core, Capture the Wool, Blitz, Ghost Squadron, Team Death Match, Rage, and KoTH. All of Overcasts maps are very well done, and are made so players enjoy their experience.

I have made so many friends there, and have enjoyed my time playing there for the past 3 years.

I HIGHLY recommend.

Not bad. Better than 90% of this crap. Even though I can't say its #1.

A great server if you want a team-based competitive game to play. Tournaments are held where teams can play against each other often.

Extremely nice community with great servers and games.

35 McPVP

This server is amazing and original. I'm sure that if McPVP never existed, quite a few servers nowadays would not exist. If you want to do a game of strategy and teamwork, play CTF. Want to cooperate with a few other players to be the masters of the maze? It's there. Hunger Games? Sabotage? Build? Smash? Kitpvp? It's all there. Best server ever.

Lots of original games. Maze runner, sabotage (super craft bros) Hardcore Games (break block hunger games, ctf and more. Very fun and original.

CTF, Hunger games, sabotage. The first server I ever played on

36 Mineheroes
37 Hermitcraft

Only youtubers can play hermitcraft.
To be honest, I think hermitcraft should be on the top 10

Its vanilla its cool there r funny pranks which r alrite

38 McOrigins

Best server ever, Just need improvement in connection.

That I need to this server, but there is stupid "failed to login, invalid session". That so afk laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

The creator, ExplodingTNT, is in my opinion the best youtuber of all time (along with PinkSheep and PurpleShep).

39 Lifeboat Network

Minecraftia is the best there is. Best there was. Best there ever will be...

Minecraftia is amazing that's all I have to say

Great staff. Great owner. Great people. Great plugins. Great ranks. Add these all up and you get great server!

Minecraftia is a server that has been around since 2011 and I sure am on it a lot, my nick on it is Dano in green letters if you ever see me.

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41 MCProHosting

Not a server, it's website for server hosting plans. - Kwaysar

42 Beastnode
43 Mossycobblestone
44 Cubedhost
45 Cadia.Co
46 BrokenLens

As an active player on this server I can say it is lots of fun

but this is a minecraft pe server - MChkflaguard_Yt

47 SnapCraft

Earth Games, Zombiev, whats next?


Best replica of Disney ever! All you have to do is pay 26.99 for Minecraft and then you can go to Disney unlimited times! AWESOME SHOULD BE IN TOP 10!

Sorry about misspelling element animation.

49 MinerMonkey
50 SwaggerPlanet

Isn't public yet but my friends made it.

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