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21 MineZ

MineZ all the way, You have to like it!

23 Zombie Manic

Amazing, But unlike ShotBow Network, the family aspect isn't there asmuch.

25 Hunger Games

Pretty Good if you like the "Eating Flesh" Type of idea.

De betty is on de way to enemies faces.

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26 The Hive

Poor hive it is pretty fun (WAY BETTER THEN HYPIXEL so I'm gonna give it some points

The hive is number 14. REALLY?!?! It's my favorite server.

Worst server I ever played.
I'm guessing you know who this is coming from @Avicus.

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27 MCCentral

A big server with fun things to do.


28 McMonarch Network

Always to be remembered!

29 Swag-Craft

Pretty good! Like the many ports..

I love this server. Just the creative plots is hilarious

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30 Mineslam.Me

I'm a tier on this server and I've been playing for a while. SERVERS BOSS! - VenomEX

Now, it's not my favorite and I'm sorry I don't play on this server anymore, but the texture pack is beautiful and its part of my early Minecraft memories :) -EmileeBrooke

It's a creative server but you can get custom heads, 150x150 size plots, and an epic pvp arena.

The best

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32 Creativefun.Eu

Minecraftia is the best there is. Best there was. Best there ever will be...

Great staff. Great owner. Great people. Great plugins. Great ranks. Add these all up and you get great server!

Minecraftia is a server that has been around since 2011 and I sure am on it a lot, my nick on it is Dano in green letters if you ever see me.

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34 Hermitcraft V 1 Comment
35 MCProHosting
36 Beastnode
37 McOrigins

That I need to this server, but there is stupid "failed to login, invalid session". That so afk laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

The creator, ExplodingTNT, is in my opinion the best youtuber of all time (along with PinkSheep and PurpleShep).

38 Mineheroes
39 SnapCraft
40 Got Pvp Network

Got PvP deserves a lot more fame, the minigames are very unique and original, and they've done a very good job with the server. - idkdan

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