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Best replica of Disney ever! All you have to do is pay 26.99 for Minecraft and then you can go to Disney unlimited times! AWESOME SHOULD BE IN TOP 10!

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42 MinerMonkey
43 SwaggerPlanet

Isn't public yet but my friends made it.

44 Shard Gaming

Never heard of it.

45 Lichcraft
46 EcoCityCraft
47 BrokenLens

As an active player on this server I can say it is lots of fun

but this is a minecraft pe server - MChkflaguard_Yt

48 Curse The Controller

Love it, except for the Curse part of it.


What is this doing here?! I play it everyday! - SammySpore

52 Nexus

I can't even get on there cause it's 1.7.9 if I do that I get crash report

The nexus is the official hunger games server, its also BAJANCANADIANS SERVER

53 Mossycobblestone
54 Cubedhost
55 Mineocity Hosting
57 Cadia.Co
58 Relentless PvP

Best. Damn. Factions. Ever. - Myoosic

A small factions server with an awesome community! The IP is mc. so you should join and play with us! - Myoosic

59 The Crafters

I expected something good! What did I get? SOMETHING GOOD!

It's the best server in the world! It has more than 50 Minigames (more than mineplex) and has games like The walls, Hunger Games, Kit PVP, Guess Who, Factions, Truth Or Dare, Would You Rather, and so much more. It has amazing kits that come really cheap, but are really good. It has classic Minecraft and even a character and cape creator! There are also much more than 50 servers, making the lag as small as an ant. But they should really change the name.

60 Project Mayhem

Honestly the only reason I still play Minecraft

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