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61 Relentless PvP

Best. Damn. Factions. Ever. - Myoosic

A small factions server with an awesome community! The IP is mc. so you should join and play with us! - Myoosic

62 The Crafters

I expected something good! What did I get? SOMETHING GOOD!

It's the best server in the world! It has more than 50 Minigames (more than mineplex) and has games like The walls, Hunger Games, Kit PVP, Guess Who, Factions, Truth Or Dare, Would You Rather, and so much more. It has amazing kits that come really cheap, but are really good. It has classic Minecraft and even a character and cape creator! There are also much more than 50 servers, making the lag as small as an ant. But they should really change the name.

63 Project Mayhem

Honestly the only reason I still play Minecraft

64 Thanks For Viewing!

Is this even a server?!?

Wut? This is not a server laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

Lmao this isn't a server - idkdan



Can we add these votes to Avicus since they are the same? But this should be higher than Avicus really. :( The nostalgia.

V 2 Comments

This server is the bomb. It has sky games the bridges the levels run from the beast, zombies and other stuff. Try it it is awesome

69 Spartan MC
74 Do What Ever
76 Play Mindcrack (Public Mindcrack Server)
77 Nexus

I can't even get on there cause it's 1.7.9 if I do that I get crash report

The nexus is the official hunger games server, its also BAJANCANADIANS SERVER

78 MCShockwave
79 Element Animation

This stinsk I can't even find a game to play on. WHY VILLAGER #9, WHY!?!?!? 1

80 The Reef
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