Top 10 Best Minecraft Story Mode Characters by SmashBits Animations

Smashbits Animations make the best characters and shows.

The Top Ten

1 Jesse Jesse

This boi gives me life for some reason and I don't care

He is the best character, he is also the funniest in this series

God! I love him! He's so funny! Best animation, hands down! by the way, 2nd is Gumbino Baldi.

He is so cool.

2 Lukas
3 Reuben the Spooning Buddy


4 Petra

Petra: I have Minecraft AIDS...
Jesse: Eew get away from me!
Petra: You said you WOULDN'T JUDGE ME!
Me - FlameSkyWing

"I have aids"- Petra 2018

5 Axel
6 Ivor/Minecraft Squidward
7 Mr. Boom Boom the Psychopath
8 Guy With a Sword

"Who's Guy with a Sword? "

9 Ginger Beard
10 The Nerdy Dude

The Contenders

11 DanTDM DanTDM
12 Magnus
13 Ellegaard
14 Gabriel
15 Jack

Just how he thinks he is so cool, but fails at everything... - FlameSkyWing

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