Top 10 Best Minecraft Story Mode Characters by SmashBits Animations

Smashbits Animations make the best characters and shows.

The Top Ten

1 Jesse

This boi gives me life for some reason and I don't care

He is the best character, he is also the funniest in this series

God! I love him! He's so funny! Best animation, hands down! by the way, 2nd is Gumbino Baldi.

He is so cool.

2 Lukas
3 Reuben the Spooning Buddy


4 Petra

Petra: I have Minecraft AIDS...
Jesse: Eew get away from me!
Petra: You said you WOULDN'T JUDGE ME!
Me - FlameSkyWing

"I have aids"- Petra 2018

5 Axel
6 Ivor/Minecraft Squidward
7 Mr. Boom Boom the Psychopath
8 Guy With a Sword

"Who's Guy with a Sword? "

9 Ginger Beard
10 The Nerdy Dude

The Contenders

11 DanTDM
12 Magnus
13 Ellegaard
14 Gabriel
15 Jack

Just how he thinks he is so cool, but fails at everything... - FlameSkyWing

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