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1 Lukas

He's the best character in the game. He's much more human than any other, and quite relatable. Starts out as a jerk and a coward, but is sypathetic to Jesse. Though he isn't accepted at first, the group eventually warms up to him and he proves to be a valuable member of the team. Goes on to become a brave, skilled fighter. The game wouldn't be complete without him.

He's a pretty OK dude he reminded me of Kenny in the walking dead video game Axel being Ben because Axel screws up but makes up by being a nice asset to have around And Lucas starts out a bully but starts to become a much better person or idol for new survivors and there rivalry is a similarity as well

"That's cool." I love when he says that in the first episode. I say it to everybody everyday. I say the SAM sway he said it. Why am I so obsessed over how he said "That's cool"?! - Untildawn8

Lukas kinda reminds me of jack will from wonder due to them both being the bad guy then turning into the good guy

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2 Reuben

Reuben is the best pig ever. He gave his life to save the story. May his soul forever rest in peace.

After my brother saw reuben's death he said he wouldn't kill a pig on minecraft

Reuben is the best pig ever. No doubt.

Best pig

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3 Jesse

Jesse is the Main character and you play as him, can be male or female - Theolegolas

I think he is the best characters because he is very warm when its about feelings and is never angry like most other characters.


FANFICTION CONTEST! don't be surprised someone on one of top 10 Pokemon lists made a fanfic contest too, why not one for MCSM?

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4 Petra

Hi guys. I think that Jesse is the best character, but there was one person who asked for a fanfic or investigation for Petra. Well, in my opinion, I think she was once part of a VERY poor village. Once she was old enough, she went exploring in the mines to get some treasure to become richer. But she blacks out punched by a zombie. Soon enough, a kind villager family take her in, and once she learns about her past, she gets angry and runs away, trying to find her village. But she can't, so she goes to a small town. She was looking for a room, and a kind innkeeper named Peter takes her in (Peter's Jesse's father) and she meets his kid, Jesse. Jesse tells her he once built a storage facility, and she can take anything she wants from there. She thanks him, and they develop a good friendship. Petra hates taking anything she didn't earn, but she couldn't be picky right now. With the materials she found, she made a survival house and went around trying to be the best adventurer she could ...more

Friend of Jesse and member of the New order of the stone, fights with sword, is a good fighter - Theolegolas

Well, I think Reuben was a really good character, he distracted me from the other characters. Once he died I figured out how much I like Petra. Can't wait for season 2!

Hey, I’d like to agree with this life story. I think it could make you understand why she’s so bitter and angry sometimes. But I love love LOVE her she is the best, and I like Jesse too
Love ya girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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5 Ivor

In the beginning he seems to be the bad guy but actually is not. Likes potions - Theolegolas

He's so funny lol

He is hilarious and he does this incredibly evil expression >:).Also,he says good quotes,makes a dirt face crying lava and has Snape hair.I know Snape's hair is actually black,but yeah.Furthermore,he is MAGIC.With potions.And he's grumpy.Lol :D.My other favourites are:Jesse,Soren and Petra.I also like Cassie and PAMA and Harper!

6 Olivia

Friend of Jesse and member of the New order of the stone, good engineer, uses mostly machines as weapons - Theolegolas

I like turtles

She's by far the best character in MC story mode.

7 Pama

He's cool! PAMA, your amazing buddy!

He is not evil. I love him

Pama is evil

"Greetings, my friends.
You will all be made useful.
Then I will get to your homeworld and make everyone there useful, including your good friends Axel and Olivia. Yay.
Your running makes me sad."

Oh yeah, something doesn't make sense about Episode 7. The primary source of "deaths" is to be captured by mind-controlled people and mobs and be "made useful". But one big question - after the player is made useful, isn't there still the possibility that Harper is going to save them?

8 Axel

Fatter then Donald Trump

Friend of Jesse and a member of the New order of the stone, is a good griefer, fight with TNT or fists - Theolegolas

9 Gabriel

Warrior of the Order of the stone, is a master with a sword - Theolegolas


10 Winslow

He's the white pumpkins cat,why is he on the list

Winslow is a weido cat


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? Xara

The Contenders

11 Emily
12 Nell

Nell is awesome she's the only reason you get your friends back and of course her amazing surfer dude accent I mean what's not to love?

13 Soren

Leader of the Order of the stone and Master builder, is a powerful and wise man, but turns out to be a liar - Theolegolas

Nice beard

14 Cassie Rose

She's my favorite, she's so pretty.

Cassie rose is so pretty



15 DanTDM

Dan is the best
Why is he in the 17 place.
He might kill sparkelz but it does he need to be in the 17 place. If you don't know stampy lied 3 times first he said he wasn't nervous but he was second he said he was average in his reds tone skill but he was an expert third this one shock me but remember he said dan might lie about someone stolen his flint and still but he lied, he said that to protect him self.
I don't mean that this words hurting stampy cat I still love him because he is a really nice guy but here dan deserve more. This letter for TEAMTDM:) I still love stampy if you don't know

16 StampyCat

I love Stampy. Such a Good character though


I would vote Dan,but Stampy was the better character, he had the most emotion, and he was the funniest in my opinion

The best Character because he had the most to do in episode 6 he should fear,happy,sad,anger and more emotions and olso without him the episode would not be there so he is the best character (and youchuber) in my opinion

17 Hadrian

Hadrian is the best villain

I love Hadrian

18 The Admin


19 Slab

Gladiator in the spleef games,hated Jesse then sooner got convinced by Jesse(again)

20 Radar

Jesse's intern/assistant goes nuts when he's hangin' out with 'em - YtpmasterLol

21 Magnus

Love Magnus rip I'm sorry I took your armor

Griefer of the Order of the stone, uses TNT a lot, also the king of boom town - Theolegolas

He dies '.'

22 Aiden

The fight in episode 5 with him and Jesse was awesome. He was an amazing villain, and his actor did a great job on him. His speeches as he was fighting Jesse sent chills down my spine, he was full of anger during that battle, and you could see it.

I feel like there was more of a reason to Aiden going from bully to villain that the game didn't give us (which is not necessarily a bad thing). That's why I chose to take him with me.

A true jerk and a sour victim of jealousy.

To me, he was the best villain in the game so far. He was excellent. His actor really did well with the final battle performance. He is also the first human to actually kill Jesse if you miss one of the QTE buttons. Such a good villain.

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23 LDShadowLady

She’s my favorite youtuber

24 Facemeat

Facemeat is an absolute legend


25 Ellegaard

I think shes a little mean

Female Einstein

The engineer of the Order of the stone, makes machines, leader of Redstonia - Theolegolas

26 Isa

She is a cool character and very powerful I think she could easily take down a member of the order of the stone and is a good leader. I disagree with Milo she only tried to do what was right and she took down a ghast in mid air in a second. She built the whole sky city and a palace she should get more credit

Also known as the Founder, leader of Sky city, does the best she can to save her people - Theolegolas


27 Wither Storm

Wow I can't believe anyone would even support it. Even Aiden is better than him. At least Aiden didn't take thousands of lives and kill a much loved main character!

Gg best character

28 Lluna
29 Milo

Leader of the rebels in Sky City, wants to let people build - Theolegolas

Lol his name

He is a hobo

30 StacyPlays

Love ya stace

31 Harper

ı really like harper she is the best ı ship ıvor x harper HARVOR 4 EVER!

32 Otto

He is the best

33 Mevia
34 Pussycat

Love him so good - mattafat

35 Jack

Why is he so low? He's one of my favorites - Steam

36 Stella

Leader of Champion City thinks Jesse is her Rival,still naughty 'bout Petra - YtpmasterLol

37 Reginald

Captain of the guards of Sky city - Theolegolas

38 Benedict

Also known as the eversource, a chicken, friend of Isa


39 Maya
40 Gill

7.8/10 to much water

41 Eversource
42 TorqueDawg

He is a underrated character people hated him scince his first appearance but I don’t get why he is one of my favorite characters and we don’t even know him that well so if we look a little deeper you might see that he is just misunderstood...

43 Clutch
44 CaptainSparklez

The helpful Youtuber

45 Schoolboy
46 Miner
47 The Warden
48 Nurm
49 Romeo (The Admin in S2)

Still cool with his powers when he LITERALLY copied Jesse and the golden Gauntlet! Jesse also tried to help Romeo escape but he let them go!

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