Top Ten Best Minecraft Story Mode Characters


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1 Lukas

He's the best character in the game. He's much more human than any other, and quite relatable. Starts out as a jerk and a coward, but is sypathetic to Jesse. Though he isn't accepted at first, the group eventually warms up to him and he proves to be a valuable member of the team. Goes on to become a brave, skilled fighter. The game wouldn't be complete without him.

He's a pretty OK dude he reminded me of Kenny in the walking dead video game Axel being Ben because Axel screws up but makes up by being a nice asset to have around And Lucas starts out a bully but starts to become a much better person or idol for new survivors and there rivalry is a similarity as well

Yes, I agree. I love how Lukas is so adorable and nerdy, and even a bit dorky. It really represents us fangirls well

I love lukas

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2 Reuben

Reuben is the best pig ever. He gave his life to save the story. May his soul forever rest in peace.

Reuben is the best pig ever. No doubt.

Reuben is my favourite character and I'm sure lots of other peeps'll agree with me, but he died in episode 4. RIP Reuben :(

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3 Jesse

Jesse is the Main character and you play as him, can be male or female - Theolegolas

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4 Petra

Friend of Jesse and member of the New order of the stone, fights with sword, is a good fighter - Theolegolas

A real role model, usually calm but great as a fighter, I've never seen anyone be as efficient in killing mobs with a GOLDEN sword as someone else with a DIAMOND sword (referring to Jesse). Only thing is that she is a bit grumpy and impatient at times but those times are far from enough to ruin her character.

I personally would put this character at number 2, behind Reuben, number 3 maybe being Lukas.

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5 Ivor

In the beginning he seems to be the bad guy but actually is not. Likes potions - Theolegolas

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6 Olivia

Friend of Jesse and member of the New order of the stone, good engineer, uses mostly machines as weapons - Theolegolas

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7 Axel

Friend of Jesse and a member of the New order of the stone, is a good griefer, fight with TNT or fists - Theolegolas

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8 Gabriel

Warrior of the Order of the stone, is a master with a sword - Theolegolas

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9 Winslow V 2 Comments
10 Soren

Leader of the Order of the stone and Master builder, is a powerful and wise man, but turns out to be a liar - Theolegolas

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11 Slab
12 Nell

Nell is awesome she's the only reason you get your friends back and of course her amazing surfer dude accent I mean what's not to love?

13 StampyCat

I would vote Dan,but Stampy was the better character, he had the most emotion, and he was the funniest in my opinion

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14 Hadrian V 2 Comments
15 Facemeat

Facemeat is an absolute legend

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16 Magnus

Griefer of the Order of the stone, uses TNT a lot, also the king of boom town - Theolegolas

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17 Ellegaard

The engineer of the Order of the stone, makes machines, leader of Redstonia - Theolegolas

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18 LDShadowLady
19 Cassie Rose

She's my favorite, she's so pretty.

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20 Pama V 1 Comment
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