Best Minecraft Survival Games PvPers


The Top Ten

1 Huahwi

Huahwi is the best confirmed

Huahwi is the best at pvp

Huawhi is just the best!

Ratio 3/5 win loss gravey4rd 4/7

2 Gravey4rd
4 Lovelights
5 iBeaturscore

Take my babies

Basicly God, Should Be Number 1 Since He Has Beaten Huahwi. - Insan1ty

6 Grapeapplesauce
7 Bajancanadian
8 Jill23

He does get beaten but only because of cleanups and hackers. He is a pro with the fishing rod and just great at minecraft survival games

Jill is basically is amazing at hunger games. Winning almost 130 games. He is just plain amazing.

Jill23 is a pro with the fishing rod and has epic combos.

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9 Sewerpain
10 Geogeanasta

The Contenders

11 Herojustin
12 Unique_guy

He is amazing at hunger games and even beat captainsparklez.

13 Unique_guy

He is just AMAZING AT HUNGER GAMES! He even beat captainsparklez. He is beast with the fishing rod. search him up on youtube.

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14 Awesomeashley

She suckz

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