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1 Faithful

The fastest texture pack to get comfortable with. I've tried textures made for PvP, textures made to emulate real life, RPG textures, completely random textures, and so much other packs, and they were very hard to get used to since they were too unfamiliar. Even after you get used to them, a better pack for the same purpose is made. There are very few texture packs that have the same purpose as Faithful (To basically update Minecraft's textures), and those that do never surpass Faithful since they change too much things. Sure, you might switch to other packs once you get tired of Faithful, but trust me. You will come crawling back. And the good thing is? This texture pack always gets updated to the latest version, since it is so popular.

You may think this one changes too little to the game, but at the same time it adds those slight, little touches that the game needed and there is no need to add anything else. It really makes the game a nice, cosy environment to be in. - GreenDayFAN008

It's really good, it's basically like default but changed around a little to look better. It's easy to get comfortable with this texture pack. It deserves #1

Makes the game look a lot more nice, very good for survival as it does not change the blocks too much. - idkdan

2 LB Photo Realism
3 Sphax PureBDCraft V 2 Comments
4 Defscape

I can't believe this isn't on the list! Just look it up. See the pictures. You'll understand. Defscape is semi-faithful. The textures look similar to the default ones, but so much more smooth. This texture pack isn't very well-known. It should be well-known. This texture pack is awesome. And it was designed by JUST ONE PERSON! AMAZING!

Wow, since I created this option, it got to Number 5! Thanks guys!

Very good, the blocks look amazing, and its very good for pvp. - idkdan

5 MC4Kids
6 R3D.CRAFT Smooth Realism
7 DokuCraft

The best one ever

8 Soartex Fanver
9 Default
10 oCdPack

The Contenders

11 Summerfield
12 Mine Wars

So awesome for any star wars fan

13 CartoonCraft

I like cartoons, this defies my love for it!

14 RomeCraft
15 John Smith
16 LegoPak

Hi, I think it's good to get the Lego pak if you like Lego & minecraft because it lets you enjoy the joy of Lego and minecraft at the same time,

Laugh out loud
Laugh out loud
Laugh out loud
Laugh out loud

17 AdventureCraft
18 Skyrim
19 Meine Kraft

An Texture Pack designed by a German Let´┐Ż's Play Team (Gronkh. De). It has parts of other texture packs but also cool and funny elements like the Trollface-Creeper - marcelkuehn

V 1 Comment
20 Plastic
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