Top Ten Minecraft Ultra Hard Core Players

Just to see who everyone thinks is the best minecraft UHCer

The Top Ten

1 xNestorio

Do you really need to ask...

He is a god with bow

Is Best player 2016 and 2017 very good player

Well,he is good but remember a UHC final battle between him and Huahwi in 2014? He and Huahwi did fight,and it was an amazing battle,but he was so close to wreck Huahwi out,but he lost to him due to fishing rod combos,and Huahwi win,if you want proof go to Huahwi UHC final 2014.i'm not even lying.But still guaranteed that this is the best UHC player.

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2 Verzuh V 2 Comments
3 Dibzcraft

Rages a lot but really good with bow and ok with melee not the best at strafing though

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4 Tylarzz

A very skilled pvper, definitely one of the best players on Reddit and Badlion. - idkdan

He is a really good player, maybe not metter than ngal but ye he's good!

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5 Smqcked

This guy is #1, maybe second to Chanse. Unlike most of the players on this list he plays extremely smart and strategic. He has got the street smarts of UHC. Unlike players above like Tylarzz and Danteh, he actually thinks before he acts. Danteh's game plan is just out pvping. - Horhi

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6 Danteh

Danteh is an absolutely god he should be 2# and Bluedeww should be 3# I mean that Bluedeww wrecked huahwi in an UHC before and Danteh killed Bluedeww before

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7 Shikanzaned
8 Heralen

Nothing to say really - iamdeoxys

9 Grapleapplesauce
10 Upriserryker

The Contenders

11 Lennox
12 BlueDeww V 1 Comment
13 TimonScholte
14 DField
15 BarCode V 1 Comment
16 SamAGaming
17 Huahwi

Huahwi is really good, but lately he has been rusty - Zakar

18 iamdeoxys
19 Upriseryker

Ryker is really good. Everyone says that he is overrated but he is good - Zakar

20 officialchanse
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