Top Ten Minecraft Ultra Hard Core Players

Just to see who everyone thinks is the best minecraft UHCer

The Top Ten

1 xNestorio

Do you really need to ask...

He is a god with bow

Is Best player 2016 and 2017 very good player

He is the best pvpier from 2014 to 2018! I love him!

2 Verzuh

He has won many UHCs and he has killed a lot of people in them - iamdeoxys

Amazing So accurate and skillful better than Ngal

3 Dibzcraft

Rages a lot but really good with bow and ok with melee not the best at strafing though

WMC Season 9, all I need to say - iamdeoxys

4 Shikanzaned

Did inanely well in a 6v6vShik - iamdeoxys

5 Grapleapplesauce

He wins every single 1v1 and is good with everything eg. Rod/flintnsteel

6 Heralen

Nothing to say really - iamdeoxys

7 Tylarzz

A very skilled pvper, definitely one of the best players on Reddit and Badlion. - idkdan

He is a really good player, maybe not metter than ngal but ye he's good!

good :v

8 TimonScholte
9 DField
10 Smqcked

Smqcked is a really great pvper, he's super good with the rod. - idkdan

This guy is #1, maybe second to Chanse. Unlike most of the players on this list he plays extremely smart and strategic. He has got the street smarts of UHC. Unlike players above like Tylarzz and Danteh, he actually thinks before he acts. Danteh's game plan is just out pvping. - Horhi

The Contenders

11 Upriserryker
12 BarCode

Very good at close up PvP. - idkdan

13 BlueDeww

Can we put BlueDeww at the top pretty please with Deww on top

14 iamdeoxys
15 Huahwi

Huahwi is really good, but lately he has been rusty - Zakar

16 Upriseryker

Ryker is really good. Everyone says that he is overrated but he is good - Zakar

17 Lennox
18 Danteh

The best of UHC Run and UHC.

Danteh is an absolutely god he should be 2# and Bluedeww should be 3# I mean that Bluedeww wrecked huahwi in an UHC before and Danteh killed Bluedeww before

An absoulete god, he's very good with the sword, bow and rod. he's so good his alt got banned by one of the staff members. - idkdan

19 SamAGaming
20 DarthV_2
21 TalekioYT
22 PrivateFearless
23 Dylarno
24 officialchanse
25 Huawhi
26 TbnrFrags

He is really good

He is the best for ever because he’s funny good and just awesome

He is really good

27 Justin

Justin aka AciDicBliTzz is a really good PvPer. he hotkeys a lot and fishing rod combos.

28 Grapeapplesauce

Why is there 2 grapeapplesauce and huawis

29 TheBestGinger13
30 CreeperFarts
31 pvtpiggy
32 Nbroksi
33 Woofless
34 JBlah
35 HTharaldTH
36 Chanse
37 Shutupbrick
38 StacyPlays

Stop it fanboys

39 DfieldMark
40 ZakattackMC
41 ShutUpBric
42 TheBestGinger9
43 BiboyQG
44 TofuuGaming
45 SolrFlare
46 Zepphyre
47 CamsArcade
48 PeteZahHutt
49 pingading
50 Horhi
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