Top 10 Minecraft Ultra Hardcore Game Modes

10/10 best game. Best game. Oh yeah. This is a Minecraft list. Didn't you get the JonTron reference?

The Top Ten

1 Cutclean

Everything is smelted and apple and flint rates are increased. - SwagFlicks

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2 Skyhigh
3 Superheroes

You start out with a superpower (strength, speed, resistance, etc
.) - SwagFlicks

4 Barebones

You can't mine diamonds or gold and get a golden apple, 1 diamond, 2 string, and 32 arrows upon killing someone. - SwagFlicks

A very fun twist, really exciting. - idkdan

5 Genie

You get 3 wishes. Every kill you get gives you access to new tiers of wishes. - SwagFlicks

6 Best PvE

You gain an extra heart every 10 min if you do not take damage from anything, and if you take damage, you can get back on the list by killing another player. - SwagFlicks

7 Lone Enchanter

The only enchant table is at 0,0 and can't be picked up. - SwagFlicks

8 Triple Ores

Every ore you mine drops three ingots except for redstone and lapis lazuli. - SwagFlicks

9 Big Crack
10 Ender Dragon Rush

The first team to kill the Ender Dragon wins! - SwagFlicks

The Contenders

11 Gamble

Gamble isn't that popular, but its super fun. When you mine diamonds, you have a chance of getting some armour, or many lose a heart. - idkdan

12 Gone Fishin'

Get a really good fishing rod at the start of the game, you can get super gear from fishing. - idkdan

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