Top 10 Minecraft Updates

The Top Ten

1 1.4

Wither, Command Blocks... 1.4 for the win - ASinglePlayer

Witches command block wither despensers

2 1.7

So many awesome new things that I think I have to get back to playing Minecraft in a while.

Aka “The update that changed the world” - O0812528

3 1.2

The beta edition - O0812528

Actually it added Dispensers, Lapis Luzuli, bonemeal, squids, and more - O0812528

Ender dragon, enchantments etc. this update was awesome.

4 1.6

Horses! Name tags, leads, carpet etc.

It adds in horses carpet etc. but the best thing is love about this update is that it has one best mods and with the best libary of mods I seen in Minecraft. some of the mods include orespawn (one of my personal favourites). dragon block c (one of my personal favourites also) ICBM (again one of my favourites) divine rpg. custom npcs. galacticcraft and much more!

5 1.8 (beta)

Hunger, sprinting, WOLVES! Etc. this was awesome!

6 1.3
7 1.8
8 1.5

Rather underrated in my opinionano. redstone changed quite a bit when this update was released

9 1.5 (beta)
10 1.2.5

The Contenders

11 1.13
12 1.1
13 1.0

Minecraft was officially out of beta!

Ended dragon, enchantments, potions (splash potions too, the end realm, blazes, nether fortresses, villagers, mooshroom, and mushroom Islands - O0812528

14 1.9
15 1.6 (beta)

Maps, nether in multiplayer, and trapdoors. Maps were awesome! - O0812528

16 1.11
17 1.12
18 1.14
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