Top 10 Minecraft Versions

This list will have some major versions of Minecraft. I might not have put in a version that is major, but I'll try to put in significant ones.

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft 1.8

Lol, it's just better than 1.9

2 Minecraft 1.5.2

Restone and Nostalgia


3 Minecraft Beta 1.8 "Adventure Update"

Villages, strongholds, new stuff. Mostly all awesome!

Except for one little nagging thing... NEW TERRAIN GENERATOR THAT RUINED Minecraft - SammySpore

4 Minecraft Beta 1.6
5 Minecraft 1.7.2 "The Update That Changed The World"

A BUNCH of biomes were added as well as amplified option for world generation. Basically a lot of the worlds you have has changed in this update. - Coolguy66666

Restored the awesome terrain generation from beta 1.7.3 but with many new biomes. Before 1.8 which added so many items and blocks that the original intent and minimalist were gone.

1.7.x best version of Minecraft still to this day. Some of the most amazing mods ever made!

6 Minecraft PC Edition
7 Minecraft Infdev

This version significantly changed Minecraft. INFINITE WORLDS. - Coolguy66666

I wouldn't put this on here, because when Infdev came out, it actually went BACKWARDS from what was in the previous version, Indev. No mobs, no day/night cycle, no crafting, you couldn't even get items except for the 1000 wood and glass that was automatically in your inventory. The version of Infdev that's in the launcher is the later version, which is MUCH more advanced, but the first Infdev release was crap.

8 Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition
9 Minecraft Alpha 1.2.0 "Halloween Update"

Despite that they ruined the sword system, this update finally spiced up the End and featured the elytra.

This update has the Nether. As well as other mobs. - Coolguy66666

10 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition

The Contenders

11 Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
12 Minecraft: Wii U Edition
13 Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
14 Minecraft 1.7.10

As someone who loves playing with mods, this is my favorite version.

The best version when it came to mods. - humaid2003

Definitely the best version for mods

Love this one, especially how well it works with modpacks - Wth

15 Minecraft 1.6.1 "Horse Update"
16 Minecraft 1.0

This update ruined Minecraft for me. They added a new terrain generator which was terrible! I now only play single player on Alpha or BET. A - SammySpore

The first release should always be mentioned - Coolguy66666

Not the first release, noob. The first full version release. Minecraft was around for years before this. I played Minecraft back in 2011. - FakeLists


17 Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
18 Minecraft Pocket Edition

Now it is not called pocket edition anymore it is just called minecraft and it almost has all the stuff that is on PC and it is awesome!

19 Beta 1.7.3
20 Minecraft 1.13 "Aquatic Update"

This update makes my computer want to commit suicide. - CameronBinder

It is the best update ever

Its amazing

It's a HUGE update! - neehawgamer

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21 Minecraft Classic

The grandfather of Minecraft as we see it today. - Coolguy66666

22 Minecraft 1.9 "Combat Update"

This one really added a lot of cool stuff such as the elytra, plus it works decently with mods along with the legendary 1.7.10


23 Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
24 Minecraft 1.4.7
25 Minecraft 1.3.2
26 Minecraft 1.11.2

This was awesome


27 Minecraft: New Nintendo 3ds Edition
28 Minecraft 1.2.5
29 Minecraft Alpha 1.1.2_01
30 Indev 0.31 (With chests)
31 Minecraft 1.12

Added Parrots and other cool things - Firestorm44

32 Minecraft 1.6.4
33 Minecraft 1.1.0
34 Minecraft Beta 1.5_01
35 Minecraft Beta 1.8.1
36 Minecraft Alpha 1.0.3

This version added the ambient cave sounds.

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1. Minecraft PC Edition
2. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition
3. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
1. Minecraft Beta 1.8 "Adventure Update"
2. Minecraft 1.8
3. Minecraft 1.5.2


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