Top Ten Minecraft Xbox PVP Players

The Top Ten

1 Stampy longnose

I would reck him in a 1v1. I can pvp a lot better than he can.

I could beat stampy in pvp easy on Xbox also I am not five and I have Minecraft

Your awesome funny and your videos are amazing

I could absolute wreck Stampy in a pvp fight. He is a good friendly youtuber for 6 and 5 year olds but certainly not good at pvp. He is good at building

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2 Chrisnam28

Never heard of him but like the name must be good at minecraft pvp

3 Posiqn IV
4 RocketKid05
5 Lion maker

He is good because he gets his practice and skill from jail

His luck is so good

I love him

He's so hot

6 iballistic squid

Him and stampy are both equal players in my opinion stampy good with sword I ballistic good with bow

I love his hunger games

He won the towers pvp map and thrones pvp map

I would love to fight him though I would probalbly lose

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7 Crqft PvP
8 ImpeachedPort
9 Dark King3156
10 BigBstatz

BigB should be number 1, he knows what to do an when to do it.

He Sucks he doesn't know how to even sort out his hotbar

He is so adicted to hunger games

The Contenders

11 choo choos gaming

He bow and arow shot is so acurate

12 Jacobdoesstuff
13 Jordan788337
14 missxmla(cloie)
15 CrunchyLovesU
16 arbold

He always gets diamond armor

17 finnball

He is always in the top 3

18 SlayTheMan

He is good honestly esp the bow


19 Ztromoo
20 miss pink mermaid
21 AquaPants123

Honestly the best in underground fights

He's really good and accurate. I think he has aimbot for his bow.

22 Shqdow Blitz X
23 DaRkOoPvP

He plays battlemode a lot and is really good, he can get insane combos some times. He could improve his bow though.

24 Zeytrixx

This one I think is number 1

25 l for leeeeee x

L for lee should be third on dis list

26 Jamieob1

He's my friend lol

I'm adding him cause he rekt me in pvp, he is really good

27 Kwirqy
28 Inferno Ninja86

Really good with melee. Needs to improve with a bow. Good with fishing rod. Hotbar needs improving. Very intimidating.

29 ibxtoycat

He is just too good.

30 bubboo-byu
31 MidnightEshop (WiiU)
32 VlueDiwwz
33 Shellsix
34 tigerr
35 StrongMonster28

Best mode

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