BlueXephos (Yogscast)


BlueXepuos is my favorite Minecraft player in the world. They have some of the funniest things I've ever seen. BlueXephos best person on YouTube. Please vote now.

I've been watching the Yogscast for 6 years now, and I've been listening to the YoGPoD since 2009, and I have to say, the Yogscast outdo any current Minecraft YouTuber out there today because they can be mature, yet hilarious at the same time, they are one of the oldest (of not THE oldest) group of Minecraft YouTubers out there that still play Minecraft today, they have great experience with vanilla Minecraft and are amazing at modded Minecraft (they even have a couple modpacks of their own), and they have had Minecraft videos up since 2010 and have had videos up since 2007. In fact, they are better YouTubers as a whole because they have such a large selection of videos to watch, like Grand Theft Auto or Civilization or DOTA and plenty of horror games. The fanbase is full of amazing people and the actual YouTubers themselves are even better (I've talked with a few of them on Twitter before) they're super nice and, again, have been around longer than all these other YouTubers. They ...more

These guys are so awesome, they should seriously be higher on this list!
In the summer, I had the choice between going on a two week holiday to Amsterdam, or going to Insomnia Gaming Festival to meet the Yogscast for one day only. I chose to meet these guys, without a second thought, they are the most epic guys I have the privilege of knowing.

I like them because they are kind and nice and they make me crack up so much (laugh) and they tell funny jokes and they are a really good team together and without each other they wouldn't be here today so I applaud them and all the hard work they have been doing :D

Yogscast are the best they are funny and they know how to do so may things in mine craft mods and they are awesome they also make tons of other videos they also have a great team and they have so many series I think yogscast are #1

The Yogscast are my favourite YouTubers ever. Not only do they consistently produce hilarious videos, or they have multiple members and channels that each do their own thing and are united like a family, but every year, they host a Christmas live stream that donates money to charity. I don't think I've ever watched a Yogscast video without laughing.

They are funny and added a letter address below in the description. You can write them down as many letters as you can.They help charity and poor children. There cool, good and AWESOME!

The Yogscast are just the best gaming channel on Youtube. First of all their videos have weeks of effort put into them, people like Sky or Captainsparkles, just play any random adventure map and post it. The Yogscast of long running series and have their own million dollar video game under production. They have like 9 channels that do their own work. They have their Yogscraft series which is amazing. They have the most successful Video game series on Youtube which is none other than the Shadow of Israphel. Out of everyone on this list they have the most subscriptions. For all the other Youtubers on this list, all the people put are: They are funny. Is c00l because he duz Park hour. I Like it because hez cool. Blah Blah Blah. The Yogscast are hilarious, but it's not just that. They are like a family. They have a fantastic Fan base, unlike the fan base of people like pewdiepie, or Skydoesminecraft, and they have been on Youtube for more than five years. People like chimney swift have ...more

The Yogscast are probably the biggest group of YouTubers ever combined into a large family and they are always up to help each other out, and to sometimes plan to troll each other too, which isn't a bad thing I think it makes them even funnier, and the fact being there are so many channels they has to be #1

Ah.. The good times, I remember crying whilst laughing, both on separate occasions to Simon and also Sips...

Because I love there skins and they are really creative and there amazing and really fun to watch

The YOGSCAST are the best team in YouTube, with their funny videos and loads of Minecraft series, They are just the best for me, They deserve to be in the top 10, even though some of the episodes have been scripted, But I still love them, PEACE OUT! KEEP ON GOING YOGSCAST!

Its kinda sad how bluexephos is eight on the list they deserve the top place. I've watched the yogscast since early on and even saw the old yogscast WOW group. Its and interesting fact

BlueXephos and Honeydew are the ones who got me interested in Minecraft in the first place. There videos are hilarious and will leave you laughing until your sides hurt. Both are awesome YouTubers. Overall. The entire Yogscast is great.

I tried some other gamers, I thought they were cool. Then I saw there video, "How to Survive the First Night". Now I'm hooked. The Yogscast is hilarious, creative, and have a lot of options.

The Yogscast just make you laugh, and the BlueXephos channel (now known as YOGSCAST Simon and Lewis), usually being the first channel newcomers view, exudes that spirit and drags you into the community.

They always have this energy about them: the way that they all care for each other, and the conflicting styles of play brought together makes for an hilarious and exciting video each time.
Go Honeydew Inc/Corp!

Simon And Lewis just have a sort of energy that the other YouTubers don't have. The videos they do are really funny, and knowing loads of moments are set up just makes it funnier.

They just never fail to make me have fun and laugh! They are great for cheering someone up and they are always hilarious. Great option for a bad day or just for some phenomenal laughs and comedy!

How can you not like them? They're the funniest youtubers I know. They have this kind of energy flowing around them which makes you happy all the time. They never fail in creating a funny video.

They're so creative with their shadow of israphel and something like that takes a lot of effort. All of their videos are fresh ans not repetitive like some youtubers. They really try hard to be individual and want to give people something fresh. Keep it up!

Yogscast should definitely be number one, but I guess this ranking is based on singular people. So by themselves they are ok, but as a team (a cast if you will) they are easily #1!

Provide sufficient entertainment for their fans on a regular basis which is really all you could ever need from a YouTube channel that focuses mainly on gaming.

These guys are the best by far! (not saying the rest aren't amazing too -- I just love what the yogscast does). These guys always have something funny to say, they try out tons of new games (I've learned a lot about gaming through watching their videos), and overall they give me exactly what I want: a well-updated, hilarious channel with lots of Minecraft and sneak peaks at new games! Overall, I'm absolutely a Yognau (gh) t!

I think they should be #1, because they, are what got me into Minecraft, and they are a great bunch of people all in all.