One thing that makes Etho so good is that he's not popular JUST because he's funny. While he is very funny at times, he is very good at MineCraft and every aspect of it. Yeah there are a lot of popular youtubers who are good at Minecraft by they didn't all get popular solely for playing MineCraft. Etho is popular solely for playing MineCraft. So is SkydoesMineCraft but he is mainly known for being so funny when he plays with his friends. Etho is just boss.

Etho is genuinely my favourite Youtuber. Not even just in minecraft. He embodies Quality over Quantity, he's not out to try and make viral one off videos, he's there for his long term viewers which is why he averages 300,000 views per video. He truely cares about his viewers and puts in a lot of effort into creating his content. He is also one of the pioneers in the redstone area, inventing the earliest way of sorting all mobs, inventing the hopper timer. Recently he's even created an automated potions machine that works autonomously in the nether (despite the fact that water evaporates in the nether).

Even though his content is technical he explains it simply for all his viewers who don't do much redstone understand it, yet explains every aspect so that redstone veterans can grasp it quickly. He does this without reducing the viewing experience for both ends of the spectrum.

Finally, he's such a kind individual, he's funny and plain hardworking. I've watched ALL his ...more

Love his videos. Has a clean, entertaining and engaging style of videos. He doesn't annoy people with the constant "remember to leave a like! " or "subscribe for more! " junk that most YouTubers put out. He doesn't put out too many videos so as to spam your subscribed to list, but still puts out enough videos to keep you entertained and looking forward to the next video. Also he puts effort into his videos, he doesn't just record things and slap a beginning and ending on, he spends his time putting forth the best content and best entertainment for his subs. He is the only YouTuber that I can say I have watched all (and I mean ALL) of his videos. And I enjoyed all of it.

Etho is by far my favorite Minecraft YouTuber! His survival let's play series is the best and he incorporates so many cool things into his world that some people, myself included, couldn't even attempt to build in CREATIVE mode. Also, he edits his videos in a way not a lot of Minecraft YouTubers do by cutting out the boring stuff and only showing the interesting stuff to keep viewers entertained. Go Etho!

I choose Etho because his "Let's Play" videos, even if they contain redstone stuff which are sometimes boring (sorry Etho! ), are interesting because they provide something for Minecraft noobs to learn and make amazing machines too. Etho is also the first Minecraft Youtuber I saw on youtube. His videos made me to find out about minecraft and now, I always go to his channel first. I am always looking forward to his next video. And that is my reason why Etho should be number 1.

He does a great job of explaining what he is doing to his viewers. He is very brilliant when it comes to redstone. He does a great job of addressing questions in his comment for the day on his single player world. I like that he doesn't curse. That isn't a huge deal but it is still nice that he tries that for his audience. I also enjoy his collaborations with others seldom they may be. All in all I would say he is really clever.

A great guy. Always prioritizing quality over quantity, redstone genius, excellent at all aspects of the game, and funny too. The seller is how he always goes on complex, huge and awesome projects that take a while to complete but are beyond satisfying. And you get a part of the satisfaction. Shame he isn't higher in the list, he is probably the perfect minecraft youtuber.

Etho is very unique in that A) He assumes you know the basics about Minecraft B) puts editing effort into his videos but does not make it all flashy C) has the incentive to make things in survival that I wouldn't have wanted to do in Creative and D) puts many interesting little things in his videos.

The problem with Youtube is that some of the most popular (not pointing fingers) Youtubers are the ones who put the least work into their videos.
Anyways, Etho is an excellent guy, very intelligent, and I'm glad Minecraft has people like him playing.

It's great fun, nice transitions and all about the projects! Etho's lab is the best channel for fun with minecraft, and some other things! Even if he doesn't have much time he still posts for all his fans

He not out there to be all freaky and yell on the top of his lungs just to make his video seem more exciting he's just there to have fun and show that he cares

I've watched a lot of content from a wide variety of mindcrafters and while they have all been enjoyable and unique for me, none of them compare to Etho. He genuinely cares about his viewers and their viewing experience. This man is well known on the mindcrack server as a redstone master (think sethbling in survival) and an expert pvper due to his knowledge of game mechanics. Even if he wasn't any of these things I would still love his content because of his soft voice, humbleness, and somewhat surprisingly good sense of humor. At the time that I am writing this one of his current projects is a tamigachi in minecraft for goodness sake. Anyways, keep up the good work you sneaky ninya! -R

Etho's knows what he's talking about when he plays minecraft, and I find that desirable, compared to the mindless content of the yogscast, sky, and most of the other multimillion channels.

Etho is definitely the nicest, most caring YouTube I have ever seen. He is always sure to consider all of the different groups of people that could ever watch his videos. He keeps his content clean and entertaining at the same time. As he has said in his videos, he just needs to have interesting videos, they don't have to be inappropriate or full of jokes.

Ethoslab is the best youtuber out there. You can see how much effort he puts into his videos. He makes a completely original intro for ever video.. Come on who else puts that much thought into there videos

One of the best Minecrafters out there! He puts thought and effort into every video and makes sure to make it appropriate for all ages. He is a genius with red stone and invented every type of mob grinder there is!

He's actually smart and intelligent and has laid back attitude which I find very relaxing. Though his red stone creations are a bit complicated

Etho really should be #1 on this list. Ever since the game came out he has literally broken the game with Redstone contraptions. Almost every single mob farm in existence was invented by Etho. It's almost freaky watching him do Redstone because he consistently builds something completely new that even the most knowledgeable Redstone players would have ever imagined. What separates him from others is he does it all in survival mode. He is the complete player, the total package. Nobody else can redefine what can and can be done in minecraft the same way Etho has. It's a shame that losers like sky and other scrubs can even be compared to Etho. The only person who even is worthy is Seth.

He doesn't just play mine craft, he breaks it down to its very core to understand every aspect of every block and mob. Hands down one of the best.

Downright awesome! Don't know how he hasn't gotten to 5 million subs yet, definitely deserves it! Keep up the good work!

I don't see why SKy is so cool he's stupid but Etho is epic he knows so much about redstone that everyone that didn't know notch was the inventor of minecraft and watched Etho they would think that Etho invented it

My favorite minecraft youtuber by far he invented mob system and invented lots of other great contraptions

I have watched him from day one. I always keep coming back for more because of the creative and funny aspects of his videos, and also the quality involved in making them, like all the cutting, montages, and intros and outros and stuffs. You really should watch this guy RIGHT NOW!

He doesn't say cuss words he does the game maturely and doesn't play around great in ultra hardcore and a great builder

Cares about his fan base more than everyone else and also never swears. His content is always great and is always the first person I watch in my subscription list