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181 MrCrainer

Love your voice in your videos

He should be in the top ten. I think he's funny, awesome, and overall, he's just a great guy. He has a great sense of humor and always makes light of any situation. When he loses, he accepts that, when he wins he doesn't boast or brag. He teaches kids the right way to go and is a family-friendly YouTuber. #vote4crainer!

Best YouTube in the world better than PewDiePie

With ssundee best minecraft players ever #show some love

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182 Jackfrostminer

He is just so cool and he also plays pocket edition which most others don't and for people who enjoy watching pocket edition jackfrostminer is for you

He is funny good at minecraft and should be at number 1

His enchantments on everything is awesome I'm waiting for the next episode I can't wait!

He is a noob

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183 Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is awesome because he makes me laugh, even though he says bad words doesn't mean he can't be in the top 10. I also like his Until Dawn series, so intense for me.

His Minecraft videos are so entertaining and it doesn't hurt that he's a total babe

Yes! He is so funny and I hope he never stops making videos!

I love the voices he makes

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184 Goldʧolace V 1 Comment
185 LionMakerStudios

He's funny and his videos are interesting. There are cool maps, mini games, all sorts of stuff on his channel. A super cool YouTube. Definitely worth checking out.

He's a cool guy, but some rumors are going around about him. Good luck I guess?

Vote for Lion Maker! He TOTALLY isn't a pedophile!

He is awesome and I have watched almost every episode

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186 PeteZaHutt

I honestly don't understand why Pete isn't vey popular, I mean he's so enthusiastic and can put a smile on anyone's face. I have a lot of respect for Pete along with those other less popular YouTubers who are grateful and happy with the fans they have. So please check out his channel.

Pretty good at parkour, hunger games. by the way he might be better than Preston which is aka the Parkour King

Pete plays with the pack and has great kid friendly content so, he should be up in the top 20


Brandon d best!
All hail the Lord Pete!

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187 xBayani

He is probably the best builder in Minecraft I know

I love youu we are like besties But you should really be higher on here

He is really funny with Graser10.
He is the BEST at building things.
He uploads a bunch

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188 BlameTC
189 XboxAddictionz

Come on, This Guy is the Best Troll You Will Ever See In your LIEF

I love his videos and he's like one of the coolest people ever

He only cares about money and he is rude to his fans - DoroExploro13

I wish you trolled me

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190 WyntrLoves

She is good freinds with poet and plays a lot of adventure maps

191 CarFlo

He has great role playing and his videos are awesome! Check out his channel!

CarFlo has the best Minecraft animations and multiplayer let's plays!

Carlo is the best he does some of his videos with Chris and the Mike they should be given a prize

CarFlo is awesome and I believe he should be in the top ten

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192 Conman2003july
193 TrueMU V 2 Comments
194 Slender_Enderman
195 TangoTek

I like his channel

Hermitcraft is awesome! Why do I have to go all the way to page 10 to find one?

196 ShreeyamGFX
197 StudMuffinSam

Studs awesome simple as that.

You are the best

198 JerichoAFK
199 OkwardIndustries V 3 Comments
200 MMAP gaming

Come on, he's the best very funny. He has good tips on skitscapes survival games. Really, you should see his videos. I mean it!

You are a great you tuber you deserve to be number 1

You rock the the house of Notch!

Such a beasterino

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