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321 Direwolf20

How Direwolf20 isn't in the top 10 just boggles my mind. He's the godfather of moding! Some of his builds are just amazing. I was hooked the very first time I seen one of his lets plays.

His lets plays are awesome and this season includes over 70 mods (I think). He also explains every mod that he uses very precisely and his videos are very clean.

He does so good mod showcases and has a very good lets play

He is the godfather of modding and he is very good at making videos.

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322 Ginge Cast

I know they aren't that good but they have grown and when I watched their first video I instantly subbed, it was about 2 years ago now and when I watch the intro it makes me think back to their survival island

They are really good at actually playing Minecraft they are funny they don't curse and all the you tubers at the the top of the list kind of stink I've seen them my brother watches them and they kinda stink so vote for ginge cast

They are the most awesome YouTubers ginge cast doesn't curse they are really good at Minecraft and the people at the top of actually kind of stink they die so much ginge cast is funny view them on YouTube

They are bloody awesome k bye

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323 Itsfunneh

She is a a you tuber that can make everyone feel all different kinds of emmosions and she is the best. So she should be higher in this list. She is my favourite and now I'm just speechless cause she is that awesome

Why is she only at 486?

Another Minecraft YouTuber who should be much higher on this list.

She's Amusing and funny.Makes the amazing Minecraft Roleplay videos that will make you laugh,she create comedic content for all to enjoy,

324 Purple Shep

Pink sheep is better

I prefer pink sheep

Purple shep! Haha! Daddy!


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325 Vikkstar123

He is part of the pack! He is also very funny! Plus, I LOVE his accent!

#Should be number one! Vikk is awesome and is always bringing great content! His videos are hilarious and can help people smile and get through hard times if necessary! Vikk should definitely be top 3 if not number one!

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326 HolwerTheFox

Seems to have a cool and Kind personality, I hope the best for him and hope to see more of his YouTube videos, I especially like the tutorials!

I haven't heard of him before I came here, But when I saw his videos I was truly inspired. I hope He keeps uploading videos

He is a fairly new YouTuber to the industry but, most people can tell he is going to be a hit with his creative building style and, fresh personality. I am sure he will rise to the top in no time.

He Seems cool, but he is really creative!

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327 Unspeakablegaming

He's a funny person and dose not hag out with the bad grope. Like Sky, Jerome, and Canadian. he even makes top server video's. He's funny and like's to play with his fan's not leave them alone.

Why isn't this guy at #1 yet? When I wrote this he had just surpassed 3,000,000 subs, and growing fast. Seriously, why isn't he there yet?

He's great I like him VERY much

He is awesome

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328 Ibxtoycat

Ibxtoycat you deserve to be number 1 I am your biggest fan ever! So yeah I am totally voting for u and always will be

What? 325? Toycat is one of if not the best minecraft youtubers out there.

He is so underrated he is not a dumb Minecraft person that is WAY too famous like DanTDM and PopularMMOs he knows actually TONS about Minecraft but my first choice was Bajan Canadian because of how smart he is at Survival Games.

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329 BrenyBeast

His hardcore videos have showed me I should care about my builds and not just have a shack with a bed, bench, and chest in it.

Awesome guy. Great commentary and I find him really entertaining ( since I'm Aussie my self)!

All round BEAST.
Love the constant opportunities he gives to his fans to interact with him.

He is really good at redstone and building

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330 H2O Delirious

He's funny and plays with other youtubers

331 Squidoodle

Squid is also funny with his videos and likes to entertain people that makes very happy to watch his videos I love you squid u and Stampy make me smile thank you for being awesome you tubers

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332 Drama Alert

Alex is a stupid rigger

I think he's an amazing minecraft YouTuber he literally have popcorn that you can eat if you fly into his screen while watching him. He's just perfect

Unlike other Minetubers, Drama Alert's content has never worn off. The host Keemstar always finds new and exciting things to talk about, while doing new and exciting things in Minecraft. I believe Keemstar is not only the best minecraft YouTuber, but also one of the greatest YouTubers of all time. He would be the best if there was no CustomGrow420

Him and CustomGrow420 should definitely collab. With the hot and amazing host Keemstar's great architectural designs and CG420's crop growing skills, they can run the Minecraft Industry at the top.

333 diphthong123

Pretty cool he deserves a vote he is good at his mini career but hopefully gets a true career off his amazing Minecraft videos watch him he is pretty epic.

This guy is amazing he is so smart and good at adventure maps captainsparkles is better but come on this guy needs to be on the list!


Every Kite Begins With Kaye!

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334 iancoullahan1

You should really watch his videos they are awesome and so is his crew I already subbed to him

He isn't as popular as everyone else but I think he deserves to be more famous. He's very funny and it would be cool if he was in about the top 100.

One of my favorite YouTubeRS ARE IN THERE


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335 MangoTango

Nobody likes the person. He is probably a idiot who has no idea what he is doing. How can people like the guy. He is not even a YouTuber. He has a question mark. 0%. Do you see that? You probably don't because you like the idiot. His "YouTube channel" should be taken of the Internet

Mango is cool and brave

What is so good about this channel? It's boring and does not entertain me at all!

He is the best I love his YouTube videos of FNAF world Minecraft role play series

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336 Operos

Operos makes me laugh EVERY VIDEO! I LOVE HOW HE USES HIS VIEWERS IDEAS TO MAKE IN VIDEOS! He is hilarious, watch him.

Orepros videos are really funny and I think he should at least be in top 6.

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337 TheNoochM
338 Salohcin62402

Absolutely NO one knows about him! Even though he's only 12 (at least I think by his voice) you should check him out. Also he has only been on youtube for a few weeks so he does not have many subscribers yet.

Very new YouTuber ( 2 days ago laugh out loud ) but is a great guy he fails a lot (especially at hunger games) and I love his videos keep it up

Awesome videos. Though I have to say that bluefires voice is extremely high, and I know him in real life so I know that your probably using Skype laugh out loud

339 Gamer Chad

I like Chad Everdeen Alan


340 Little_Kelly

Little Kelly is so awesome and her dog buttons is adorable she should be much further ahead she is just so awesome and cool and epic

Little Kelly you are the rest I love your videos you're the best

U shouldn't' be this low on the list!

Little kelly I'm your big fan,I always watch your vidios,and I love it

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