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361 BigBST4TZ

Great Hunger Games and never swears and does his own thing.

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362 Newscapepro

Has very funny role plays and plays a lot of mini games

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363 AcidicBlitz V 1 Comment
364 Anthobro54321
365 Zukram97
366 thesaintsofgames

He's awesome. He is a Minecraft hunger games admin. I like his final 2 his gameplays, and how funny he is with the heartless thing. He's sometimes feel so bad to kill subscribers, and that's why he should be at least top 100

367 ThePigProtects

He is really funny! And he builds Very very amazing
He deserve to be number 1!

HE HAVE THE FUNNIEST VIDEOS EVER, He play normal mc then he makes the game to a funny, dramtic short story. HE also Builds The coolest Builds
Like the amazing PIGENGARD

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368 DoubleAAMiner
369 VenturianTale

The BEST Minecraft players I seen! Even though they make mistakes (a lot) they entertain me so much! And I'm also impressed by their "building-houses" skills.

They made there first video on Minecraft the Minecraft gameplay was called a Minecraft tale - bubbaskoo

I enjoy his videos with his brother and sisters they are really funny

It's a tale worth telling...

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370 NereusGod

I can't stop watching his videos he is so funny and entertaining

You are awesome and funny I like how you act so cool

He is incredibly funny and random.

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371 Vegetta777

Best Spanish-speaking Minecraft YouTuber. More than 12m sub, and more than views.

He's so funny, and hard-working. He really cares about his passion and fans. Moreover, he plays pretty well but he isn't afraid of failure (also upload fails videos).

372 MadMaker7 V 1 Comment
373 LeafyIsHere

He does a lot of videos about Minecraft videos. That counts, right?

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374 Arazhul_HD
375 Super Minecraft Kid

Isn't super minecraft kid just a ripoff and copy and pastes dans or pats videos into his channel

Super Minecraft Kid is seriously the only Minecraft channel that can make me laugh.

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376 Ricky Cooper

Wang tastes like clam chowder

I gave him a bj in highschool and his dick tasted like seafood but his videos are pretty good

377 C2Games V 2 Comments
378 DrExplosionJr V 1 Comment
379 ProDuckChins
380 Rick Murray

He is epic he does funny minecraft tales war in minecraft- W.I.P. love this guy and if you are not interested in minecraft he has way more stuff you could watch if I had to make a top 4 list of minecraft people on youtube 1. Captainsparklez 2. Rick murray 3. Diphthong123 and 4. Antvenom

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